Unpausing listing dates

Hi there - I’m new to the site and need some help. I’ve created a listing for sitters and have had a few people contact me, which is great. However the listing has paused and I followed the instructions to unpause but it doesn’t work. Do I need to decline all applicants before new people can apply?

Hi @AnnaAchilleos

A big welcome to the forum. I am so pleased you have found us. We have so many wonderful and experienced members here that can guide you on all topics.

Regarding your question …

Your listing will automatically be paused after you receive 5 applicants. In order to unpause your listing, you will need to decline any unsuitable sitters. (we recommend writing a short note as to why you declining them, and then decline).
Once you have done this, if you go to your Inbox … on the left hand side, there is a blue block where you can unpause your listing.

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Hi @AnnaAchilleos did you work through @Therese answer to how you manage your applications, or do you need more help?


I’m really stuck with my app. I can’t seem to activate it to see any new sitters because it has closed all applications until I decline the other 7 that have applied.
Is that normal? Do I need to decline before it activates my post again?

Hi @AnnaAchilleos I am Direct Messaging you … please check your messages.

Thank you.

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