Withdrawn application back on the market?

Just curious. When I withdraw an application, and the number goes (presumably) from 5 to 4, the listing is expected to go back to the available sits pool, as it should (?). However, it doesn’t always happen. Is this because there are more than 5 applications submitted (which can happen when more people apply simultaneously) or is there some other reason? Does anybody know?

@RadarInc the home owner has to unpause the listing- it doesn’t happen automatically when applications are withdrawn or declined .

The HO won’t get more applications unless they “unpause.”

If you withdraw an application and you are number 4 (for example) the applicant number will go down to 3. If you are the 5th applicant the listing will be paused. So if you withdraw at that point the host must manually unpause their listing to create that extra space again.

Absolutely, listings that receive five applications are automatically paused by THS and require hosts to manually unpause them if any application is withdrawn or declined. Unfortunately, a significant percentage of listings do not get re-listed because they remain paused, most likely due to hosts being unaware of the necessary procedure.

Hello, @RadarInc I thought this might help with your question as owners get notifications on their dashboard about unpausing their listings. It’s sometimes nice to see what the other party see when you are curious about how things work!
Screenshot 2024-01-23 at 15.06.47