Unread and declined applications for sits

It could mean they have stopped applications and are focusing on the ones they have. We also have one like that at the moment but, forever the optimist, I still haven’t given up hope.

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OK thanks, that’s a good sign. I had contemplated sending them a message to touch base. I never know if that’s a good idea or not though.

Neither do I, but as my old mum was very fond of saying “what’s for you will never go past you”


When the HO ‘accepts’ one sitter’s application, an auto generated ‘decline’ message / email is sent to the unsuccessful applicants.


They probably used the pause button in order not to receive more applications and have time to read everyone before selecting one.

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@ElsieDownie @Provence
I think you are both correct that they have paused.
There used to be a notification saying "Sitter is reviewing applications " which was more helpful
Why it has changed is anyone’s guess


@Kelownagurl Yes, it seems likely that the owner has paused applications so they can review the people who have applied.
There was a little bug before on the declined message function a few weeks back, but this has now been fixed, so sitters should get the declined message when a homeowner confirms another sitter or cancels their dates for some reason.
Hope this helps.


That’s great news, means we still might be in the running. :slight_smile:

It think be better if the posting message changed to something like “not accepting any more applications at this point” or something like that to indicate that it has not just been cancelled or filled.

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@Therese-MembershipService I do agree with the comment from @Itchyfeet about the previous wording ‘sitter is reviewing applications’ was far clearer. Any chance THS could revert to that, or why did they change maybe? :thinking: Based on forum comments, the current wording has confused a few people, including me.


Now you confuse me. Why is the “sitter reviewing applications” if it’s actually the HO? :thinking:

Oops - yes, a slip on my part and @Itchyfeet - it’s no wonder you were confused. It would be HO reviewing applications, of course. :rofl:

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@Düsenzofe @Snowbird Yes, I will certainly send this to the tech team. thank you.


Apologies for confusing you @Düsenzofe , it is indeed the HO!!!

Don’t worry :rofl:

Pet-sitters recently got an email from TrustedHousesitters about giving the house a ‘spring clean’ whilst on a pet-sit…why can’t they send an email to home/pet owners advising about etiquette and good manners in regard to replying to pre-application questions, applications, or indeed actually reading the messages! It’s disappointing that the emphasis seems to be on the sitter to do the best they can to be polite and accommodating.

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Hi @dogangel
I would not appreciate receiving an email asking me to do a spring clean , I agree the HO should be receiving these kind of messages.
To me, spring cleaning involves a top to bottom clean of the whole house: Windows, cleaning paintwork beating rugs outside, and that is just for starters.
A new sitter may take this literally
THIS, I recommend that this message is discontinued

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Hi @dogangel @Itchyfeet I have asked our CRM team for clarity on this messaging and will respond … @dogangel could you please Direct Message me a screenshot of the email if you still have it?

Hi again @dogangel @Itchyfeet some clarity and context on the “Spring Clean” email send, this is a message sent sitters a couple of days before their sit ends as a gentle reminder to leave the home clean and tidy and not forget to pack personal belongings etc.,

Perhaps we should adjust the wording to reflect “leaving clean and tidy” not imply a full “Spring Clean” is needed, which was never the intention of course.

Owners are sent a similar email before the sit starts to remind them that their sitter will be arriving.

As a matter of interest what would you replace “Spring Clean” with?

Hi there…I really only used this email as an example of how the ‘not answering/not reading’ messages could be addressed as a reminder of etiquette to those house/pet owners that don’t bother to reply or are less than courteous…but I do think ‘clean and tidy’ sounds better than the ‘spring clean’ the email implied. I’m pretty sure many pet-sitters, like myself, quite often leave homes cleaner than when they arrive in any case. A gentle reminder to be polite and answer messages wouldn’t hurt at any rate.

Hi @dogangel @Itchyfeet the email has been amended to:

“Give the home a clean and tidy so your owner can return to a well-kept space.”

Thank you for highlighting, we do listen but more importantly, hear our members.

We do nudge all members about responding to messages. We can make our “product” efficient, improve functionality, advise on good account management, especially as it relates to member success and building good relationships but changing human behavior is a little bit more of a challenge.

Communication between members is something we are constantly working to improve and this is where member feedback is insightful and of great value