Unread applications and non responses

Are you using the app on your phone? Notifications come through as soon as a sit is listed. I am not a premium member but I get notifications on my phone from all owners, premium or otherwise. Also, check your phone settings are set up to (oops) receive notifications from the app!

I get something like this with a ping noise, and when I click on it automatically opens the THS app on my phone with the sit details.

I Don’t use my cell phone, just my iPad for THS. I find it redundant to use both.

The app can also be used on the iPad. :wink:

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I’ll try it and see what happens.

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You won’t get the dog photo tho, they were mine… :rofl: :joy:

@LynKinn I learned this difference the hard way - after I had spent time on the website liking various sits. I’ll just mention that I don’t think, after you’ve set up your phone, that the ones you’ve liked on the website will then generate notifications. I think only those you like directly on the app will send the notifications, so you may have to repeat the likes.

Vanessa has captured great images for the phone settings. I’ll add the link below - look at entries #14 & #16.

Phone settings for notifications

Just a tech-question please: I am using a laptop - a proper computer, not a mobile phone app - and I was never aware what happens when I click on the heart (I guess that is a “Like”) and I also didn’t know that you can “save” certain ads. Where can I find a description of all these technical features?

One feature I would be very interested in would be: Getting a notification when a HO who is listed with “currently no dates” decides on a date to travel away and the ad becomes active. This is because I am very interested in visiting certain countries/places and am flexible in terms of the dates.

This is what @Snowbird was telling you about. When you use the app and “like” a listing by clicking on the little heart :heart:, then you will be notified as soon as the HO posts new dates. This is not the case if you only use the website.

And on the other hand. We applied for a peach of a sit yesterday evening. We got a reply in under 5 minutes asking for a call. We are due to call them in half an hour and hopefully convince them we are the ones. I just love it when a plan comes together quickly.


Yes @Düsenzofe , but @Romana is also asking about listings with no current dates. They don’t display on the app, so when a homeowner does not have current dates, there isn’t a way to like them on the app. It can only be done with current listings there.

@Romana if you search ‘saved listings’ using the spyglass, you’ll see a few posts that address this topic. You can also do a similar search on the THS website and it will display content concerning saved searches.

So that’s where the dog bites it’s tail, unless I got it wrong:

-Listings without dates can be saved on the website, but the sitters are not going to be notified when new dates are posted.

-Listings with dates can be saved as well on the website as on the app, but only when you save them on the app the sitters will be notified.

-You can’t save listings without dates on the app, but this actually would be the only way to get a notification when HOs post new dates….hmmm

It’s like having to deal with two different companies that use the same data. How did it get so convoluted?!

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Ha ha, @Düsenzofe , exactly! As for myself, I just don’t want to use any mobile phone apps. I hate reading stuff on that tiny little monitor and basically use my phone only for phone calls (yes, I indeed SPEAK to people via my phone!) and emergencies. I wished this notification feature was available on the big computer screen as well.

I prefer the web-based site as well, but now I do save nice sits using the app (when I find them on my laptop, I just go to the app and save them) so I get the notifications. Even if I get the notification on my phone, I can still go look at them on the laptop.

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@Petermac , if I have saved a listing on my pc through the website, will I get a notification on my phone when they post a sit? Or would I have had to originally “favorite” the listing on the app in order to receive a notification on my phone?

Oops, I asked the question before I had read through the rest of the messages in the topic.
@Snowbird has answered my question. I guess there’s no way to unlike my favorited listings on the website in order to relike them on the app without the risk of losing them if they do not currently have a sit posted, is there??

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I think you can @mars by going on the app and into your favorites and unliking them and liking them again. When you unlike them they stay on the page in the app and then you favorite them again. At least I think that will work.


@Susan , I tried it and unfortunately it didn’t work. I removed the heart on one of my favorites on the app and the listing just disappeared because the HO does not currently have a sit advertised :disappointed_relieved: Oh well … it was worth a try.

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Sorry @mars, it worked for me and a few did have any dates listed. Although I won’t know for sure until one of my favorites enter new dates.

Correction @Susan. The first time I removed the heart I did it from the list view of all my favorited sits without actually opening up the listing to view it and the listing disappeared. I tried it again but clicked on it to view the listing. From that screen I was able to remove the heart and then replace it. Thanks for the tip!

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