Unusual pets you have sat for- pictures please

Oh dear. Bad influence

Dottie the gecko, north London along with 2 cats - short sit, so I didn’t have to do anything but admire her -

A ball python whose name I never learned in Pleasantville, NY - it lived with 2 cats and a dog. Had to feed it a defrosted mouse 1 x a week -

Rae (tan) and Smokie, a pair of miniature horses living in a backyard in Miami, FL


Wow @toml you got to watch some amazing pets! Dottie the gecko is adorable! And those miniature horses are my dream, wow! I think I’d pass on the snake though haha. How was it watching the miniature horses? What did their typical day look like?

Rescue raven, here he is still recovering. He didn’t make it back into the wild but is now in a caring home with another raven. I was his hand feeding him raw meat and living insects (as a vegan, haha ;):


Hi @Timmy thank you so much for sharing this … Does he have a name or should we ask for suggestions from the community?

Yes, his name is Golfie, but I don’t know if his new parents also call him that way. He is in a fancy place in Liechtenstein now ;).


The horses seemed happy. But the yard wasn’t all that big and was covered with gravel. It ad been grass but they ate it all and so the HO put down sheet plastic covered with gravel. They didn’t get a lot of activity, I thought. When I would sit in the yard with them reading, Smokie would stand behind me, almost as if he was reading over my shoulder. I asked about maybe walking them in the neighborhood but was told no.
There were also a dozen chickens who wandered the yard and occasionally the horses would chase them.