Unusual pets you have sat for- pictures please

Yes, his name is Golfie, but I don’t know if his new parents also call him that way. He is in a fancy place in Liechtenstein now ;).


The horses seemed happy. But the yard wasn’t all that big and was covered with gravel. It ad been grass but they ate it all and so the HO put down sheet plastic covered with gravel. They didn’t get a lot of activity, I thought. When I would sit in the yard with them reading, Smokie would stand behind me, almost as if he was reading over my shoulder. I asked about maybe walking them in the neighborhood but was told no.
There were also a dozen chickens who wandered the yard and occasionally the horses would chase them.


Lovely photos :slightly_smiling_face:

Your photo reminded me and I thought would be nice to share. This is “Phil” the pheasant as we call him, he visits our garden regularly and always comes to peek in the kitchen window to ask for his crushed peanuts! :sweat_smile:


Nice Sam, oddly today I am feeling a bit “homesick”. Will have to plan my next string of UK sits :uk:
Too many years, not enough memories there. :heart_eyes:

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I love mini horses! Not enough to go to the trouble and expense to have any of my own, but our neighbors across the road have four of them, and they graze in the (large) front yard every morning. They’re so pretty! So fun for you to be able to “borrow” someone else’s for a bit!