Share Your Favorite Sits

Hey, as someone new to the community,
I would love to hear stories about your favorite sits.


Hi @lbuffin and welcome to the Community Forum! I read your forum profile and love how much you have traveled. I think you will find great joy using TrustedHouseSitters to not only continue your travels, but care for adorable pets along the way.

I also noticed that your main sitters account isn’t live yet, so if you need any help at all please don’t hesitate to reach out to any of us on the forum team, or to ask our helpful community … they love to help new members! And of course the membership services team is always available to support you.

Here are some articles you might find helpful :slight_smile: Happy travels!

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So far, our favourite sit is the 2 weeks that we spent in Wales.

The HO’s had two dogs and there were some amazing cliff top walks that we took them on each day.

The smaller of the two dogs (a terrier) was a real character who had a massive small dog complex. He would walk on his front legs and reverse up to a fence so he could pee higher up the wall :wink: He would also lie along the length of his Labrador friend so that he didn’t have to lie on the cold floor.

While there, we also experienced our very first Guy Fawkes Night…and even though we were convinced we would either blow ourselves up or get in trouble by the police, we still had a lot of fun.


I couldn’t possibly pick a favourite sit as there are too many. Some of the homes have been favourites and some of the animals but, tbh, I’ve loved all the animals and to date not had any problems apart from an aggressive cockerel called Dave who bit my leg! I was told, when the owners returned, that he’d gone for them too. I avoided him as much as possible.
I had a particularly lovely sit in Scotland and got to know the local area quite well.
I was lucky enough to housesit around New Zealand’s North island before the pandemic and am soon to do the same in the South Island.
There are places to explore everywhere


It is so difficult to pinpoint a favourite sit as everyone has good points and bad points. If I ever found a place where absolutely everything was perfect I’d know to stop travelling and settle down. I would have found the place I should be.
I am particularly fond of large bouncy dogs, cute cuddly cats and chickens. And I always check the location before I apply as I’m a keen walker/hiker. I like old houses but not immune to all the advantages of a newer house and I love rambling gardens that go on and on and on.
So far I would say my top ten are mostly in the south of England but there’s still a lot of th3 world to see!


Wales for me has a piece of real estate in my heart. Special people, special places and Guy Fawkes? I met, and am now friends with one of his descendants (looks just like him) who is married to Florence Nightingale’s descendant and well they are pretty fun to chat with.

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Like others too many great, incredible transformational experiences!
I have shared quite a few in the travel section, who’s on a sit now and how’s it going thread
But this one is always fun

Been there again just a few weeks ago and was taken Snowdonia National Park for a day to remember, learned a lot about gardening/veg planting and going back next week to eat carrots and potatoes I planted!

THS life is good