What Kind Of "First Time Sitting" Pet Has Surprised You The Most

For me it was chickens … just once, a flock of 12 rescues, I can’t wait to “sit” more.


For us, it was definitely a tiny Chihuahua. For those who now say well that’s a dog and not super exotic, I say yes you are correct. But for us who are usually only surrounded by dogs at least 160 pounds or more, it is a bit unusual. We typically don’t worry when a bird of prey is around, or we walking over a bridge, and the dog normally not fits through the railing.

The remarkable thing was that this little sweetie disproved all our prejudices. All Chihuahuas that we have met before were annoying barkers who must be carried most of the time and acts as divas. But Pixie was different. No matter where we went, she was well behaved. No matter how long we were on a trip, she always walked herself, and when the big ones gets tired, she was still happy to walk with us. Even for things for which she was actually too small, she found a solution on her own. It was inspiring and changed our attitude towards Chihuahuas fundamentally.

And here as a pack leader in Milan


We LOVE house sits with chickens… Ian has an affinity with them and I’ve often come across him wandering round with one tucked under his arm! My surprise was “Hairy Hero” the guinea pig owned by the young son of a homeowner - every evening I spent an hour or so being entertained by him in the bedroom where he was allowed out to exercise away from the dog. I was like a kid again myself making tunnels and interesting runs :slight_smile:


For our second assignment through THS we were due to sit two VERY lively dogs and a parrot. The owner said their son could take the parrot if we weren’t keen but “everybody falls in love with him” (the parrot, not the son). We agreed to give it a go with a pet we had no experience of and what a week it turned out to be. “Anfy” kept us entertained and on our toes by imitating both the owners’

voices (mostly correcting the dogs but the odd swear word thrown in), singing, demanding a treat and repeating the ring tone of someone’s mobile phone - hilarious! We tried teaching him a few (polite) expressions and, from the owners’ feedback, it sounded as though he’d grasped them.
Did I fall in love with him? You bet! I actually think I might get a parrot when our travelling days are over.
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Another “first” for us was sitting one hen. We’d kept chicken ourselves so knew what to expect but “Mel” was quite something. When I went to collect that day’s eggs I found not one but several eggs in her little nest. Was she a superhen or had she sneaked off to the local Waitrose for a top up, just to impress us? She never let on.


I must say chickens too. But because of my lack of experience.
I was asked to let them loose during the day and make sure they were all in before darkness because of coyotes.
Little did I know that they were used to come back in by themselves. All I needed to do was to lock the door.
I let you imagine my efforts to run after them. As soon as one was in, I was after another, while the first one was coming out again.
I finally found a stratégie. But I learned the hard way.


Chickens for us as well.
Think maybe I over fed them.
Loved to see how many eggs we got each day

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