Hi, everyone! We are new here and wanted to get some insight before taking the plunge on finding a sitter, as we have a nontraditional pet: a chinchilla! She is super, super easy to care for (honestly, I’ve had dogs and find her care is much easier). She lives in a cage and loves it (it’s her “safe” zone). But my cursory look through the Trusted Housesitters site seems to mostly feature dogs. Does anyone know how difficult it might be to find a non-traditional pet/house sitter? Will this maybe add a layer of difficulty to us finding a sitter here?


Oooh welcome Chinchilla and @kerryglauser
I would venture to say go for it!

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Hi @kerryglauser a very warm welcome to our community forum to you and your adorable chinchilla.

TrustedHousesitters is known for being the all creatures great and small pet loving community, sitters care for a veritable Noah’s Ark of animals, not necessarily two by two though.

Seriously, the key is to be very clear and informative in your listing about her needs and your expectations, that way the right sitters will apply. Then you can start communicating to see if it will be the right fit for everyone and once you are all happy that the arrangement will work, you will be able to confirm your sitter.

Do explore the forum there are many great conversations which will help you as a new member looking to arrange your first sitter, also the website blog has great articles, you’ll find them here >>>Blog |

Enjoy connecting with other members and welcome again.

Angela and the team

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I’ve seen posts with chincillas…and guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, and lots and lots of rabbits!


I looked after an injured Sparrow in Thailand for a month so I would say anything goes.

(there were also 4 dogs so I was kept busy)

Good luck, hope you find a great sitter.


Welcome @kerryglauser and I’d echo everyone else. All pets are welcome at TrustedHousesitters and as long term sitters we actively look out for unusual sits and pets to learn and expand our knowledge. Lots of us have experience with small animals, livestock and birds. Look forward to seeing your listing :slight_smile:


It might actually be easier for you to find a sitter than for those with more traditional animals.

We’re all animal lovers and explorers, and many of us would go out of our way to care for a cute, soft chinchilla! (I know I would!)

And as long as you’re clear in your post as to what the responsibilities would be, you’ll attract appropriate sitters. I’m sure there’s even sitters on the site who have chinchilla experience!


Since your pet is on the same level of care as a rabbit or a guinea pig, I would just treat it like that. THS has “small pets” listed as a filter for sitter preferences, so anyone showing that is prepared for your chinchilla.
I wish I could sit with your chinchilla, it would be so nice to feel that luscious fur on the living animal!

I would welcome the chance for nontraditional pet sitting…I love chinchillas. It would give a sitter the chance to experience something new. Having information on the pet and how to care for them should give any sitter the confidence they need to proceed with an application. :star_struck:

Thank you so much for all of the responses and kind words, everyone! It’s good to know that we might have some luck :grinning:

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She’s so cute. We are starting a sit in 2 days I small dog, 2 mice and a goldfish.

All the best John and Caroline​:mouse2::rat::dog::tropical_fish:

I looked after two chinchillas some time ago & I loved them so much!!

They were so cool!!

:cow: :cow: :cow: