Finished my first sit on TH

I just finished my first sit since joining this community and I had a great experience. The dog was super friendly and basically adopted my daughter as her own!! :joy::joy: Definitely boosted my confidence.

Who remembers their first sit and how was your experience?


Congratulations and thank you for sharing your joy and excitement with us.
My first sit was many earthly rotations ago in 2018. It was something I never thought of doing and nothing I thought I could do because of the belief that no one would want me.
Well here I am, still booking away, even had to decline some today but every sit booked still gives gives me chills and hurts my face from grinning.
This is the most exciting adventurous life. And fun.

Enjoy every moment and keep on going,
The best is just ahead.

Any pics or insight you want to share?

All the very best


Congratulations @Victory on completing your first sit!

Our first was back in August 2019. A long weekend with a shy elderly cat and some chickens in a heatwave! One of the chickens got broody and refused to come out of the nest box part of their house each day. I was worried that with the temperature as high as it was, there was a real possibility of her becoming roast chicken. So I would have to lift her out every day. She wasn’t at all happy about this and tried to peck me every time! The kids nicknamed her “Mrs Angry”. (the others they called “Goldie”, “Speckles” and Leggy" - she was taller than the others with longer legs)

Our most recent sit also had broody chickens who also didn’t want to come out of the nest box, but they were easy compared to Mrs Angry!


Hey @Debbie, quite a memorable experience with broody chickens. Kudos to you for ensuring the safety of the chickens, especially the determined and peck-happy “Mrs. Angry.”

Our next sit is actually on a farm. So hopefully the chickens are nice :joy::joy:


Hey Amparo, thank you for taking the time out to share. Wow 2018!! Safe to say you’re a pro at this lol.

Definitely was a fun experience and I love that my daughter also loves the animal! Great memories we will get to look back on.

Biggest thing I learned and I’m sure will keep learning: nothing wrong with over communicating lol


Beautiful. Took a peek at your listing too. Very nice.
Just keep moving forward.
I threw myself in full time. Yes challenges, it’s life but no regrets ever.
Oh and first sit was with two gorgeous cats. Had no prior experience, only dogs, no clue how to change a litter box!
But I learned quick and sat regularly for them for a very long time.


I love to hear that!! A life worth living.


@Victory Congratulations on completing your first sit - here’s to many more :grin:


Thank you! I’m excited to see where life takes us.


Congratulations on your first sit! We took care of a beautiful dog named Joy on our first sit last September in the UK. Their headline read “Live with Joy” and that we did. The HO were a wonderful couple that we’ve kept in touch with and will be meeting them for dinner next week while we’re in their neighborhood. Actually, we’re meeting with another person we sat for in the area, too, as we transition from sit #12 on Crete to #13 on the island of Jersey. We will also sit for Joy again in October.

Enjoy your pet sitting adventures!

Dan and Nan


Thank you @Danandnan it was honestly a fun experience. Looking forward to many more adventures with my little one!

That’s so great you were able to build friendships out of your experiences. That’s really the beautiful part of all this. Being able to meet and connect with different types of people you probably wouldn’t have been expose to. Experience different ways of living and meet some cute animals too.

congratulations on going on your 13th sit! What a milestone indeed and cheers to many more.


@Victory that’s great well done :clap:

I’m guessing you took up the suggestion and did a last minute sit as you were still looking a week ago. That’s amazing .

I’m sure the pet parent was really grateful and I see you now have you first :star::star::star::star::star:.
Each sit will give you even more confidence and each good review opens up more opportunities .

May this be the first of many pet sitting adventures with your daughter. Look forward to hearing about the next one .


Hi @Victory congratulations on completing your first sit … one of many!!

My first sit was a long time ago … but I remember it like it was yesterday. 10 mins from my home, a 2 year old adorable Cocker Spaniel, Mom was a young widow who needed to go to Toronto for a 2 week conference and didn’t want Charlie to go into kennels. I had not long lost Holly my heart dog … Charlie helped mend my heart.

In three weeks I’m going on my … 000 + sit looking after a kitty 2 hours away from my home.

We look forward to sharing in your new and exciting THS adventure.

Congrats again, safe travels and happy sitting.

The “girl” who led me here :dog: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :dog:


Yes! We have 2 upcoming sits scheduled because of this tip. I purposely applied to sits who dates were very close and had no applications even if it was only for a day.

Got more responses going that route. I’ve also noticed the big houses with pools have more applications and often the others are left with none. So I’ve been apply to those!

Going to a farm next week! Can’t wait to share with y’all how it goes.

Thank you :blush:


@Victory My family’s 1st experience was this March. We applied for 2 dogs (Elderly and a middle aged dog). We confirmed and by the time the sit started a puppy was added.

  1. The 2 older dogs did not like the puppy so we had to keep an eye on them 24/7
  2. The puppy peed and pooped around the house no matter how many times we took him out
  3. No backyard so we had to take them out to the front yard to pee and poop. The middle dog sprinted past the electric fence twice to chase squirrels and my entire family had to go chasing after her.

I was under immense stress but… we decided as a family that if we could get through that sit, we could get through other ones. We are on our 10th sit now (3 cute bunnies) and the 1st was by far the most challenging. All the other ones have been easy in comparison. My big challenge that I have learned over the last few months is that the short 3 to 5 day sits are very tiring. Setting up then cleaning up for a family of five of us doesn’t make sense on short sits. We really enjoy the 10-14 days and makes the cleanup day worth it. We stayed in regular cabins a few days ago and my son asked if he was supposed to clean the bathroom. I said no because we paid for the cabins and they have cleaners and he jumped up and down for joy.


Wow, what an incredible journey you and your family have been on since your first sit in March! It sounds like you faced quite a few challenges, especially with the addition of a puppy and the older dogs not getting along. Kudos to your family for handling the situation with patience and determination. It’s amazing to see how far you’ve come, now on your 10th!!!

I completely understand the exhaustion that can come with shorter sits and the constant setup and cleanup for a family of five. I can’t yet say if it’ll work for us doing short term sits long term but my daughter is still so young it’s easy for me to keep up with just her! And it must have been a pleasant surprise for your son to discover that the cabins had cleaners. Small moments of joy like that can make a big difference. :joy::joy:

Keep up the fantastic work, and may you have many more fulfilling and memorable sits ahead!


It’s incredible how vivid and memorable our first pet sitting experiences can be, even after a long time. It sounds like your first sit with Charlie was a heartwarming and meaningful experience for both. It’s touching to hear how Charlie helped mend your heart after the loss of your beloved dog, Holly.

Thank you for sharing your story with us!! Same to you as well :smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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What an adorable, relaxed and comfortable picture of the three of you! Congratulations on the successful first sit!


Congratulations @Victory, wishing you many more happy sits!

My first sit was for a friend’s friend with two dogs, two rabbits and four ex-battery hens. It was only a couple of miles from home but I found lots of new walks, and enjoyed a different space with a different view! I enjoyed it so much I googled house sitting, found TH, did a few sits with my partner - and then we sold our house in Devon to sit full time in 2019, and have been loving it ever since.

We’re now in the process of buying again in Wales, but plan to keep sitting most of the time, and use our tiny home as a base. I’ve always said we’ll know when it’s time to stop, and it definitely isn’t yet!


@Victory - I’ll add my good wishes on your first sit to the others.
I guess my first sit was really back in 1991 when I went back to grad school with my 18 yo tom cat and 6 yo Irish wolfhound. I knew I wouldn’t find an apartment that would take the 180 lb dog so looked for faculty members who were going away on sabbatical - spent the first 4 months in San Bernardino, CA with my guys and a dog who came with the house. Then Christmas 1991 I moved to Crestline in the San Bernardino mountains to spend a year with the resident dog and cat along with my guys while the HOs were in Sweden. I had a great time. Both of my guys died while in the mountains - old age for the cat and cancer for the IW. But it was great to have some animals to care for.
My first TH sit was with a senior bull mastiff and a young cat. The HO was a Navy guy and it was just a long weekend in Va Beach. The cat had actually been adopted in Cairo, Egypt when the HO was stationed there. As soon as he walked out the door, Catastrophe (cat’s name) jumped into my lap and was alongside me the whole. It was really hot and Odin, the mastiff was mostly happy to watch the world go by through the balcony window (looked out on some woods).