Unusual request for me to care for a pet in my own home

I have recently been approached to look after a pet in my own home whilst the owners go sightseeing in my city. I have reached out to THS support to clarify whether this is adhering to regulations but have yet to receive a response.

Can anybody please shed any light on this? I wasn’t very happy to be approached about this as I don’t feel it’s in the equal share exchange spirit that this company is based on. Perhaps I’m out of touch :thinking:

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This does not sound OK to me st all! It sounds like quite a cheeky request actually! I’m sure one of the membership team will clarify properly. My understanding-as a sitter- is that any sit should include at least one overnight at the hosts home! Otherwise what are you getting out of the deal?! Those people need to pay for pet day care if they want to deposit their pets somewhere for the day!


@Chatsetchiens you are correct and I have sent this over to our Member Services Team to reach out to you about it. You should be hearing from someone soon.


I appreciate your feedback on this and I’m glad you share my sentiments. I also thought it was more than a bit cheeky as that would be a very one-sided arrangement. It genuinely amazes me that some people find it acceptable to ask this of someone.

This is not the first time I’ve been approached with this type of one sided arrangement either. I was asked at the end of of last year to look after a dog in my own home for four months.

Just a couple of months ago, I was also approached to become a regular daily dog carer where I would be expected to go there during the day to feed, walk plus entertain the dogs but I was expected to vacate their home by 5 pm each day and go back to my own home.

THS Support dealt with this well and swiftly once reported to be fair to them. I am still waiting for this latest particular incident to be dealt with but hopefully, it’ll be addressed soon.


I appreciate you doing this, Debbie. Still waiting to hear from them but hopefully, this will be dealt with soon.

HI @Chatsetchiens would you please Direct Message me the details? On the surface and without knowing all of the details, the reply to your question is this is not an arrangement any member should be asking of another.

@Debbie-Moderator has forwarded to the MS team.


Of course. I’ll do that right now.

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I’ve sent screenshots of the conversation together with a link to my profile so you can hopefully go in and see the full dialogue.

I have no way of knowing if these messages went through to you successfully but I’m hoping you’ve now got the information needed.

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I have them @Chatsetchiens thank you.


Wow! How peculiar! I’ve never been approached like you have. Surely they couldn’t have been THS members?! Something fishy going on, but hopefully it will get sorted

Hi @Chatsetchiens , How odd, What would you be getting out of the deal?

Hi @Chatsetchiens.
This isn’t right at all. The whole purpose of THS is that the sitter gets to stay in the HO place and experience new adventures and possible cultures. This sounds like they are looking for pet daycare without the costs.

Wow! Those other two requests you mention (4 months petcare in your own home & daycare only at the other home) are even more cheeky and disrespectful! :woozy_face::roll_eyes: I’ve never been approached like this (so far!) and would report it straight away if I was!
Requests like this are an abuse of the concept of an equal exchange as there is no actual exchange involved- just the wish to use a willing sitter for free! I hope no newbies- keen to build up reviews- allow themselves to be taken advantage of in this way. This is work that should be paid for.


Well, quite!

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Yes, indeed. There’s a distinct lack of regard shown for the sitters in the incidents I have raised and that is quite concerning. It would be a real shame if this type of request isn’t nipped in the bud. It somewhat weakens the integrity of the THS mutual exchange philosophy which is in reality an excellent concept.

Yes, I very much agree with you. I would certainly hope any new sitters would not allow themselves to be exploited in this way for the sake of building reviews.

Given that I have personally had one too many of these cheeky types of requests of late plus I have noticed the occasional owner has spoken to me as though I am an extension of their staff/lesser being, I am now getting quite irritated not to mention disenchanted with the whole pet sitting thing.

Having said that, I have without a doubt had some great memorable experiences on here over the years and every single animal has been wonderful but I’m definitely doing far less now than I used to and have only got the bandwidth to deal with those I already have an existing relationship. Those I know and trust wouldn’t ever attempt to exploit. This latest incident has really been the catalyst for me.

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Thank you to everyone who has responded with feedback and support for @Chatsetchiens this matter has been forwarded to the Membership Services Team to be managed.

It is hard to know the full motivation behind any request without following up on the communication and it is very possible that taking advantage was never the intent. Often misunderstandings are just that with the other party having no idea how or why their behavior has offended.

Transparent communication, together with a complete understanding of how the TrustedHousesitters arrangement works to equally benefit everyone involved, lies at the centre of ensuring all members have authentic and rewarding experiences and feel valued and respected.

If a member has concerns about member to member communication please forward to the Membership Services Team

Thank you.

As this has been passed to the Membership Services Team we will close this topic. Anyone reading the thread will know that TrustedHousesitters does not provide Doggy Day Care services … Information on how THS works and answers to other questions can be found on the website Help Page

Thanks everyone