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45 Plane Hacks That Will Make Any Flight Experience More Comfortable

By Ruby M August 17, 2021

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While some people absolutely love flying, others are tremendously terrified of it.

No matter which category you fall into, you probably hope and wish your flight be as peaceful and comfortable as possible every time. From finding ways to block out unwanted noise from your fellow passengers to nifty and handy travel hacks, these travel hints, tricks and tips will help you to not only have a more pleasant flying experience, but you might take away an extra trick or two about general travel from this article that you didn’t know before.

So buckle up and get ready for an awesome and insightful ride with us as your friendly and knowledgeable pilot! Here are 45 travel hacks to make your flights more comfortable.


Thanks for the easy read-jumping on a flight north today, and always good article for some last minute tips! Happy flying all :airplane:


Thanks for the tips! We are getting ready to fly (domestically) to Chicago. I’m a little nervous…Will keep the tips in mind.
Any experience with bad actors out there?

Hi @betsykehoe welcome to the community, we’re glad you found the hacks helpful, anything that can make a flight better is a plus in my book … turning left on boarding is always a good one, slightly heavier on the pocket book though.

Safe trip to Chicago … are you sitting there or going for pleasure?

Not sure about the “bad actors” though??

Welcome again.

Angela and the Team

@betsykehoe i flew to Chicago on Thursday, with a connection in Charlotte—no problems whatsoever. I also utilize the blue line subway to Wicker Park, which I’ve done for the last 10 years. Other than wearing a mask, the trip was identical to past experiences. Safe travels!


Thanks for the feedback.

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Bad actors meaning “those who try to fly without mask”! wearing.

I’ve done multiple US domestic flights recently and they were all packed, but no maskhole problems.

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This is very helpful information!

They don’t have a chance. Zero tolerance in the airports and airlines.
Enjoy. I have been flying domestically in the US since April without any problems other than some minor delays and flight changes.
We adapt and the beat goes on!

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Actually…unfortunately this is not always the case. We flew (after a delightful International flight where we did turn left) on a US domestic Carrier from Dulles to LAX. We were
in the coach section. The “gentleman” who sat next to us (he on the isle, so we were penned in) had a mask which he wore over his neck. He was a burly 240lb type, with tattoos. After listening to the flight attendants speed about keeping masks on AT ALL TIMES, etc. except when eating or drinking, he pulled out a box of food and ordered a can of sparkling water which he never opened. When we politely asked him (two hours into 5 hour flight) to pull his mask up, he replied very smugly that he was eating and drinking. The flight attendants passed by him quite regularly, and pretended they didn’t see him. They don’t want any more confrontations either. It was a packed flight…no complaining would have gotten us a new seat. He found the loop hole, and exploited it massively. We never had anything like that happen while flying in the E.U. That is what I am referring to when I say “Bad Actor”.

Gotta watch out for those burly tatooed types :rofl:

We have decided for environmental reasons not to fly anymore - it just doesn’t seem right to cause such a lot of pollution just so we can get somewhere quickly/cheaply… it is only the lack of fuel tax that makes it artificially cheap…
We realised that it only puts the Americas and Australasia out of reach (we are UK based) we can get as far as Japan by train - and we are used to crossing countries by bicycle!!


@betsykehoe this saddens me to read this, but unfortunately I’m not surprised. Next month I’m taking my first flight since the pandemic started. I plan to wear my mask (of course), say ‘hello’ to my neighbour, and then put on eye masks (the type for sleeping), and pull up the hood of my hoodie. I think there will barely be any of my skin showing. I plan to stay that way through as much of the flight as possible. Secretly, I’m hoping to have a vacant seat next to me. I’m putting that request in my letter to Santa, so now I just have to be good for a while. :roll_eyes:


Power of positive thinking, that all will be well for my future flights. Been flying since May, and have been lucky on each flight with all my seat mates. I’ve been pleasantly surprised, that in all aspects, whether in the terminal, rest rooms, restaurants and TSA check, that everyone has been respectful of the current safety policies. Happy, stress free and safe travels to all!

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What is meant by: ’ no complaining would have (gotten) us a new seat’?

We just had a similar experience where the 3 people in the row to our left continually pulled their masks below their chins on a 9 hour flight. The flight attendants reminded them every time they walked past to pull them back up but it never lasted more than ten minutes. It was very frustrating for all involved.

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“No complaining would have gotten us a new seat” means: There were no seats available, so there was no point in complaining. The flight was completely full. Any complaining we might have done would have just intensified our “seat mate’s” antagonism towards us (since there was no way to alert the flight attendant without him being aware we had done so.

Never just leave it be again! Even if there would have been no other seat for you, by pointing this guy’s behavior out to the flight attendants, they would have had to act! And, believe me, there ARE possibilities for them to act, if not during this flight. They would have had to report him, and he definitely wouldn’t have liked that the authorities would have waited for him at the airport. A fee would only have been the first of his problems and rightly so.
If this kind of behavior isn’t reported, these people do it on the next flight and the next again!
Believe me, it’s my job to deal with these people on each flight I board.