US mail service for travelers

We live in the United States and will be taking a long road trip domestically for several months. We are keeping our residence and not becoming nomads. We already have our bills paid electronically and have tried to go paperless whenever possible, but still need to set up a service to deal with unexpected mail that may be time sensitive. We are looking at using traveling mailbox, but wanted feedback from others as to what services they use and how they like them. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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We are UK-based and before we gave up our address started to monitor our paper mail that arrived. We were really surprised how little there was of any importance. So we contacted anyone we could think of banks, pension providers, inland revenue etc, made sure we were all paperless, and gave them my brothers’ address as an alternative. All our mail now goes to him - he opens everything and lets us know if anything needs our attention - which is hardly ever.!


A lot of travellers (sailors for example) use St. Brendans Isle in Green Cove Springs, Florida. Never used them ourselves but know many who have and are very happy with them.