U.S. Housesits not showing on weekly email

I have received the weekly house sit email three weeks in a row without any U.S. sits listed. Help!

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You could always set up a search for housesits in the US? Get automatic emails for that country and whatever time frame you want?


Hi Jenjr… welcome to the forum and sorry to hear you are having problems with your email listings for the US. I’ve moved this post to the website support category and I’m tagging @Katie-MembershipServices in our membership services department. I’m sure that she’ll be able to advise you tomorrow on this or get someone to help. As @Kelownagurl girl mentions, you could in the meantime use the app or the website to set up saved searches to keep you up-to-date on US sits.


@jenjr isn’t alone on this - I also noticed the same thing on multiple emails. I’m based in Canada, if that helps TH sort things out. We’re still asked not to travel out of country, so I didn’t think to mention it to TH as it wasn’t concerning me.

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HI @Snowbird we are really sorry you and other members are having these problems, this issue is with the team and they are working on it we will keep everyone updated on developments. Thank you for your patience.

@Katie-MembershipServices @Ben-Product


It’s actually not a problem for me as I quickly skip over all the countries that I can’t travel to right now :slightly_frowning_face: Until we’re allowed to travel outside of Canada, reading them is just a bit of a tease :roll_eyes:

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I never understood the weekly email.

Some sits appear and get taken within hours. If I was to wait until the weekly email I’m sure I would have missed most of my sits. It really is worth setting up saved searches or at least taking a quick look once a day.

Edit : the weekly email only started since covid ? used to be daily i think, so maybe it will revert to daily now things are “getting back to normal” :crossed_fingers:


Apologies for the delay in replying to you all.

We are currently experiencing a slight technical issue with the USA sits appearing on your emails. This is due to the increased number of sits, which is actually great news. However, we are working hard to make sure that these are included in your emails or accessible another way.

Please be assured that there are lots of USA sits available and you can search for these under ‘find a housesit’ from your dashboard.

Alternatively, you can set up a saved search for the USA, this means that all new USA sits will either be emailed to you daily or you will receive them in an App notification, depending on if you set your saved search up on the website or App.

Here is some more information on the saved search from our blog and steps to set them up:

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Hi @Petermac

You are correct we moved from daily alerts to weekly alerts during the pandemic as we did not have enough sits to warrant a daily alert. However, since then we have introduced the saved searches to the website which allows a more tailored email like we used to provide.

We were originally going to move away from the daily alerts in favour of our members setting up a saved search however we are now in discussion of a few different options in light of the current US sits not showing on the weekly alert.


Hi @Katie-MembershipServices I would much prefer the twice daily emails to come back, for this summer I used saved searches which worked great, but I know in the past I’ve been struck by a sit on the daily email, when we haven’t been looking anywhere in particular and have loved the spontaneity and inspiration it gives us.


I’ve noticed something missing from my weekly New Pet sitting opportunities email. I did go back to check to make sure I was correct. The past month at least, when I receive the email, it starts with countries that have new sits, alphabetically. well for at least a month, my email from THS has ended with UK sits. Where the heck are the USA sits? Of course I’ve checked the website to be sure but yes, of course there are new US sit listings, but they are not transferring to my email updates. Anyone else notice something odd or it being dropped off. I am in the U.S. I did just send a message to THS. Hopefully its just a glitch. Since I’m not sitting so much during the restrictions, I’d rather just look over the email than have to go through the website. Thanks. Linda

I read a week or 2 ago that THS is having an issue with that. I’m sure they will respond to your question in this forum. It’s been going on a very long time.

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Check to make sure USA is on your list of countries that you want to house sit at (in your profile preferences). If it’s not now, it used to be that the summary of sits e-mail included only those countries in which you had an interest.

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United States is listed, so that isn’t it. Thanks for the suggestion.

Good morning @trekker954. There is an ongoing issue with the sit listings for the US which is being dealt with as a priority. It is explained in another post so I’m going to merge your query here with the already open topic in the help category so that you can read the responses from Membership Services. In the meantime, are you using your saved searches? If not, and as a suggestion, that’s something you could set up to enable alerts for US sits? These work either on desktop or the app.

I’m sorry you are having problems with the USA email listing. I don’t find you fix really acceptable conservative seeing all the other countries are listing okay and we are paying members. Now I see it’s been going on for almost three weeks? If it’s a glitch it’s taking too long. As soon as my
Membership renews June 30 I will be upgrading to both sitter and Homeowner but I hope this feature is fixed.

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Hi Vanessa. Just an update for you on my experience with saved searches for the US on the app. I had listed USA on my phone, but nothing ever posted. I do have two other locations there, and they work. I put the problem down to the volume of USA searches and maybe the app didn’t have the capacity to handle such a large category. I deleted that saved search. Today I narrowed it down to two saved searches, each for a specific US state, thinking that would work, but it didn’t. Although the app appeared to save the information, the searches are not showing under my list of saved searches. I only had two before that, so I’m not over the maximum number of saved searches. I have turned off my phone and turned it back on, but nothing.

How odd… I’ve just tested quickly on my phone on the app and was able to set a saved search for USA as a whole and I tried a couple of states too. No problems at all, and can view the sits available. I’m on Android. Have you tried other locations outside US since the problem arose? Also, I’ve seen on here before that sometimes problems with the app have cleared if you reinstall it. There has been a recent update, so that might be worth checking too unless your phone auto updates. Is your desktop version working?

I will also check in morning if any other problems recorded with MS but I haven’t heard of any issues today or previously. I will get back to you in the morning with an update.

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OK, at times like this I blame computer gremlins :roll_eyes: I just tried it again and I was able to save searches for two states. I wasn’t having any problems with the two other locations I have had on there for some time (not USA). Looks like all is good, but I’ll let you know if the gremlins return. If there’s a problem again, I will first try reloading the app though, as I hadn’t thought of that. Thanks.


Hello, I have recently signed up and am unable to get daily emails. I have looked at all the usual places and have reached out to TH support. I haven’t received a response and the phone # I called just answers with a message and then hangs up the call.

Does anyone have suggestions? This seems to be the most important function of getting to see new posts for sitting requests.
Thank you

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