Really missing the twice daily email

As a long term member of THS (9 years and counting) I am really missing the twice daily email of new sits.
I know I can set up searches but that assumes I know where I want to go which is rarely the case. I am hugely grateful for the two week Christmas and New Year sit in Johannesburg I spotted and applied for on a whim, this led to two months in South Africa, including the last long haul holiday for my mum ( she joined us for three weeks) as we returned just a few weeks before Covid hit.
We have picked up sits while long term traveling which have shaped our travels but would never have been caught by a search created by me.
I am seeing so many disappointed home owners who are not getting applications that may have been picked up if they had just been presented to people.
This truly has been a retrograde step, its replacement by a once weekly email (that I don’t believe shows all sits added that week) that only lists countries up to the UK is really rubbing salt into the wound.
Why have we lost a great resource without it being replaced by something better?


And now it’s worse than that, the once weekly email conked out before the UK…

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I didn’t realise there was an option to receive emails on sits. Is this through settings or only when you save a search?

Hi @Mslaura
Go into Settings on your account. Select “Contact settings” then select "email updates "
It states that you will receive daily alerts but they are now weekly. USA sittings have not been on this list for months and, as @JackieX says, UK sittings were not on yesterday’s