Viewing new house sits

I’ve noticed something on the THS site for a few weeks now and just wondering if there’s a glitch on the site. When I go to “find a house sit”, the same sit has been showing at the top of the listings for three days now. It’s in Pencader, UK. At first I thought it peculiar no new house sits had come in for three days and then discovered new sits had come in that were showing below this sit. I noticed this a few weeks back when I kept seeing a sit in the Netherlands at the very top. Anyone know why this is happening?

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Each time someone updates their listing- makes any change to it, I think it moves them up to the front of the line. Is this right?

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Yes I noticed that as well but can’t believe they are updating their details every day.

Also when you search sitters they are supposed to be random and not based on ratings but there is a guy in Brighton who always appears on page 1 or 2 and according to the reviews he hasn’t had a sit since late 2020.

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I noticed that UK one as first also. It was the same with another one-day sit earlier this week. The one-day sit was always in the first 4-5. I think these HOs must be updating the listing to get ranked higher.

@Annette @mars @ElaineInDallas @Twitcher Hi everyone hope you are having a great weekend. Annette thanks for this feedback I will take this up with the tech team on Monday as this happened a while ago and appeared to be a glitch in the system … we will update this conversation when we have the info.

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Does it not have something to do with the new higher (Premium) levels of membership which push listings to the top for a certain period of time?

Thanks Angela!

I know that on at least one other site, all you have to do is change one word or character and save and it will move the sitter to the front of the list. I’m not a HO here so I can’t check THS.

Unfortunately, the more people know this trick, the more we may see repeats of the same sits and the longer the email with ‘new’ sits could get for THS to manage. Given there are already issues with length of the email causing the USA to be removed, this trick may cause quite a hiccup in things.