New listing rules

Are any other established TH members having problems over new rules regarding the content of their listing.
Our listing, which has been live for over 4 years, during which time we have had 11 very happy sitters, has been unilaterally made inactive by TH.
We keep adding more details as requested in order to get the listing active again, but every time it is reviewed by someone different on the customer service desk and they come up with new additions that they think we should include.
In the meantime, we appear to be unable to correspond with applicants for an upcoming sit.
Hugely frustrating and annoying.
Anyone else having the same problem?

I know on one of my repeat sits the home owner mentioned a similar issue and was frustrated.

And yet I keep reading of people who have been with THS for a long period of time, haven’t needed to change their listing to add what new HO’s do, as you are being asked to do :person_shrugging:

I’m sure it is frustrating for you @Confused but it is also frustrating from a sitter’s point of view where owners have not updated their listing over the years, especially in relation to their pets. THS has finally listened to sitters who have wanted internal photos of the rooms they will be using; whether there are internal/external monitoring devices; any third parties mentioned; a great Amenities list so that simple enquiries, like number and size of beds, do not need to be asked; pets routines etc.
On one of my recent sits which had been booked 6 months ago, the elderly dog’s health had deteriorated greatly plus was on more medication than originally listed. Had I not phoned the owner the week before the sit, I would have arrived completely unaware of this. I could have said “Sorry, this isn’t what we agreed on” and walked away but that’s not the type of person I am. The dog was a beautiful, gentle soul who I loved but it was quite a stressful time. On the owner’s return, I emphasised the importance of updating her listing and Welcome Guide.
If you receive The Trusted Times, you will have read in the latest addition that very soon sitters will be star rating owners on 5 categories, one of which is Accuracy of Listing so that there is more equality in relation to the review process.
Sitters also face the inability to correspond with owners at times too, and, yes, we find it extremely frustrating and annoying too!
Hopefully you’ll have your listing live very soon.


Taking down your listing seems extreme. What kind of revision or addition are they asking from you? I have seen listings that go against certain rules (ie 3rd parties on the premises, day only–no overnight stay) still live on the site. You are paying for this service. I would be frustrated too.