Website not updating?

When I logged onto the website this morning, the sits at the top of the Find A House Sit page are exactly the same as they were 12 hours ago. This was before any filters or area searches. I have cleared my cache - did it last night, in fact, because I was noticing the same problem. Generally, there are TONS of new sits logged overnight but it seems to be stuck now. Is there a problem??

I tried the online chat, but the bot didn’t have a clue what I was asking!

That’s the trouble with bots!

Hi @Elleann. I’ve not noticed the same thing today when I searched for sits, but I’ve passed your comment on to the team, so they can look into it.

I have just noticed a ‘SORT BY’ button, which I can’t say I remember seeing before! It was set by default to ‘Recommended’ - when I switched to the only other option (Newest), then the new listings showed up on top.

I have had so much trouble with the app (freezing, not recognizing my log-in mainly) that I switched to the desktop view which was when this problem began for me. I can now understand why the site appeared not to be updating - it was because new listings were buried down below the ‘Recommended’ listings.

Out of interest: how does a listing end up recommended? Who is making that judgement call? Do HO have to pay extra to be recommended? The process feels like it is lacking in transparency - as a HO as well as a sitter, I’ve certainly not seen any notifications regarding this feature.