Very Disappointing First sit( I’m the homeowner )

@Peaches , I’m so sorry to hear of your bad first experience. It is good, though, that you came to forum. You will get support here. Don’t lose heart. Just because this happened does not mean you will not be able to attract good sitters in the future. If your listing looks very appealing and you craft a factual, unemotional response to this sitter’s feedback there will be people who will be able to see this situation for what it was. If you like, you can add your listing to your forum profile and experienced forum members will be able to give you helpful feedback so your listing and your reply to the sitter’s feedback will look as good as possible. Here are the instructions:
How to add your listing or profile to your forum profile

Again, this does not mean you will not have many good experiences from here on out. After you have good feedback from future sitters, this sitter’s feedback will not matter.

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