Not happy with my review

Hey there folks.
I have been house sitting for about 6 to 7 years but full time since August 2020. I have had so many great reviews but got one not long ago that I was a little disapointed with. I have to say that trough my life I have not been good at anything… But after starting doing house sitting I have started thinking that I am pretty good at it and I always try to do my best and considre my self doing a pretty good job. I have even a few times been asked to come again and I have also got some request from people I have never contacted. So when I got this review with 2 topics 3 stars and 3 topics 4 stars I was sad to say the least. I did my best,treated the dog as I always do with love and respect and kept the place clean and cleaned at the end so was really sad to not getting a better review. I have 26. 5 stars reviews and this one. At another platform I have 13. 5 stars review and then one with 4 stars in one of the categories. So the avarage there was 4,9. And then in one more I have 9 5 stars. And I have a few times been asked to come again so I just hope I am doing some thing right :slight_smile: And with one HO I requested a review and never got any reply. Then not so long ago I sent a message asking if they could leave me a review and if not why not.I have seen they have read it but still no response and I think that is rude. Well sorry about my long post but just had to put this out there.

Hello Bravo 1239 - it sounds like you’ve done an amazing job of house sitting so far with all these great reviews so you’re obviously doing something right. I’m also a sitter with THS for seven years now and three homeowners never gave me reviews despite messaging them numerous times. I also received one very short one sentence review recently which was very disappointing. Like you, we treat every house sit the same and look after the pets the same way and when we leave the homes we leave them spotless. So don’t take it personally - you’re dealing with all different personalities on this site and some people just aren’t as considerate as others and I agree with you - it’s rude.


Hi @Bravo1239 - Firstly, You are wrong when you say that through your life you have not been good at anything, we are all good at many things but often don’t see it ourselves :smiley:

It is great that you have found pet sitting, it is obvious that you love it and from what you say it sounds that you are amazing at it, I bet the home owners feel really lucky when you apply to care for their home and pets.

The issue you have come across, and most of us will come across at some time, is that when you are dealing with the general public, you can not please all the people all the time. You can provide exactly the same service to 20 people, 19 will give you 5 starts but there will always be one that is not satisfied for whatever reason. Don’t let it bother you, it is not important.

Reviews are there for future home owners to see what past home owners thought of the service you gave. When a future home owner sees 25 five-star reviews and then suddenly one critical review they will wonder what was wrong with the home owner that gave the critical review, they will not think that suddenly your standards have dropped.

My only advice to you is that you have more than enough great reviews, if anyone in the future does not leave one then don’t chase it up. It does not matter if the odd owner doesn’t leave one - After all, No review is better than a bad review.

Don’t let this upset you, it will have no effect on you getting future bookings and will soon get lost as you collect more five star reviews along the way

. :star: :star: :star: :star: :star:


Agree with both @Globetrotter and @colin - you sound like you’re doing a great job! Dont be disheartened.

This is so true! I always read the owners’ reviews of that sitter (and any others they’ve have had). Most of the time I think either the owner was too fussy or that there’s been a miscommunication which can happen to any of us.