Volunteer while sitting?

A couple times on sits, I’ve been able to contribute to the local community by volunteering for a local nonprofit. In Botswana, my host helped arrange a volunteer gig with the local Rape Crisis Network. I helped the counselors construct a database to track the types of cases they were seeing to help the Executive Director with reporting and fund raising. It was a fascinating experience as hearing the stories helped me to understand the nuances of the country in a way that I never would have without access to that most intimate of information. In Australia, (Adelaide) last winter, I did some very short term volunteer work for the koala rescue center. When the fires hit, the need was so extensive, we washed blankets and sheets and learned what koala poo looks like. We also bought and delivered some healthy snacks for the volunteers as all they had was carbs and sugar.

I wonder if anyone else has had similar experiences or has interest in cultivating these kinds of opportunities for sitters. I think contacting local nonprofits, especially those who serve animals and their people would be natural contact points.

Anyone else interested in this?

@Barb thank you for opening up this topic. I believe there are many members in the community who give back to local communities by volunteering when housesitting.

When I was sitting in Spain for 8 months I volunteered with ARCH https://www.horserescuespain.org/ in Barbados with http://arkanimalwelfarebarbados.com/ and other smaller organisations when I have the opportunity. Where possible I remain involved in any way I can after leaving as we do build wonderful relationships also it’s very possible to help in many ways without being “on the ground” Smaller charities are often the ones in most need and usually have less red tape to navigate making it easier for them to engage volunteers on a temp basis.


I have thought about this many times. The average sit seems too short, but when you will be in one place at least more than a month I would be interested. Starting a 6 month housesit tomorrow, I plan on taking a look at volunteer opportunities. Thanks for the reminder!!


It helps me feel more a part of the local community as well as making some new friends and connections.


Do tell what you find to do to help in your local area. Good luck and happy adventures!


Thank you.

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Such a good idea for a long sit.