We are new! How does our listing look?

Hello! I took a look at your listing. Viewing other people’s listings may be a good idea for you, as you may notice that your listing is about twice as long as most people’s. Try to be more concise and keep each section to a few short paragraphs. Remember this is just an overview and advert - all the more nitty gritty details should be saved for your welcome guide. Your introduction especially can be cut down by at least half. A good intro simply introduces yourself and your pets and tells sitters why they should pick you rather than someone else. Here is a post I wrote recently that may help!

5 common mistakes to avoid for a successful listing


@mikehubbardphot I like the conversational tone of your listing. I think you will find differing opinions on how long a listing should be. Some sitters prefer a more detailed listing.

Although your introduction is longer than some, it is informative. There are perhaps a couple of paragraph that might be better placed in other sections. The information about the dog flap is really useful, but could appear in the Responsibilities section. The paragraph starting “Our home is a lived-in, happy…” could appear in the Home and Location section.

Have you considered adding the “Family Friendly” tag? A family of sitters could offer more pairs of hands to walk 3 dogs, and of course more love and attention for the pets!

I think its a good listing and one that would appeal to us.