Welcome Pack

I’ve seen the term “Welcome Pack” mentioned several times. I can not find a PDF or any link to a template as to what a "Welcome Pack looks like. As a newbie sitter hoping for my first sit soon, Seeing a sample would help me to ask the right questions. Exactly where and how do I find one, and access one on the THS website, or on this forum?

Hi mbalmand, the correct terminology is Welcome Guide (WG) not welcome pack. The home owner is supposed to send you a WG when you and they confirm a confirm a sit. They don’t always do this. Some sitters will withdraw from a sit if they don’t receive a WG as it contains all the instructions a sitter needs (or it should) before they arrive at the sit. You don’t want to go in blind to a sit!

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If you would like suggestions on “questions to ask Owners before accepting a Sit,” check out this thread:

The WG is a guide provided by the platform, filled out by the HO & sent to you after you’ve confirmed a sit. It details all the pet and house instructions, gives the pet’s vet details, emergency numbers, and a little info about the local area (things to see & do, restaurant recommendations, where the nearest public transport is etc). However, the WG is non-compulsory and we have found that many owners don’t know how, aren’t aware of or aren’t comfortable with using the WG on the platform, and many will just provide you with printed or written notes when you arrive at the sit. Out of all the sits we’ve done with THS, only a few owners have ever actually used the WG.

Some general questions we always ask an owner during a video call are:

  • describe the pet’s daily routine
  • where does the pet stay if we go out (inside or outside?), do they have a dog flap, and how long can they be left for?
  • how many walks per day, and is the dog reactive on walks or have behaviours we should be aware of?
  • where does the pet sleep?
  • would you like us to arrive the day of or the day before your departure?
  • how far is public transport on foot from your home?

They will also usually show us the pets on camera and give a brief house tour too.

These generally help us understand if it’s a good match for us :blush:


Hi does anyone know what happens to access for the sitters regarding the welcome guide once the sit is over? Does their access to the guide get rescinded or do they still have access? It’s not a big deal but I’d prefer it if access stopped after the sit. Thanks

No, sitters can’t access the WG after the sit has ended. We can only see your listing and chat to you on the platform, that’s it :blush::+1: