What Animal Would You Most Like To Care For On A House Sit?

What would be your one dream animal to care for on a house sit and why? :horse::sheep::rabbit::dog::cat:

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@Samox24 this is really a great question and one I think of when looking for future sits.

I personally am a dog person as I love the cuddles and snuggles they offer. I prefer a midsize dog (or even little) as they are easier to walk and sleep with…lol. We had two huge labs that slept with us toward the end of the lives and even with a king size bed, we found it quite tight.

I also would love the opportunity to sit with goats. I think their personalities are amazing and love the looks they give you…and an added bonus is the possibility of goat cheese (my fav)!


@Debbie-L Oh I love goats too! :goat::heart:

Have you tried the Norwegian Brunost, a goat’s cheese?

Brunost is a common Norwegian name for mysost which literally means “whey cheese”. Brown Cheese or Brunost as it is written in Norwegian is a tan-coloured cheese with a distinctive caramel flavour.

It’s not technically a cheese because the water from the whey of the goat’s milk is boiled down, which caramelises the sugars. The resulting gloop is left to cool and bingo, you’ve got yourself some real Norwegian brown cheese. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I have not tried it but I will definitely look for it

@Debbie-L It’s delicious and addictive!! :heart::sweat_smile:

I would love to look after a Belgian Malinois dog, aka Maligators, a mash up of Malinois and alligator, likely inspired by their bite work as police dogs. :dog::crocodile:

I grew up with German Shepherds and have had one for most of my life apart from now and German Malinois are very similar but also very different so I would absolutely love to care for one. :dog::heart:

A photo of a Belgian Malinois by DogsBestLife.com


@Samox24 We watched a police dog handler at summer paws in the park last year they had some Belgian Malinois and they were spectacular, so intelligent and athletic.

We love all things equine and always love a horse housesit, but we have on our list to look after a Donkey!
We also love the livestock guardian dogs. It was a very new concept coming from the UK, but we are keen to learn about them especially as one day we would love a mini farm.

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Goats, llamas, pigs, the list is endless. But a fit healthy dog with lots of bounce is my main wish. There’s nothing like a hike with a willing dog.


I love everything, yet I’d love to sot for a ginormous fluffy Maine Coon or Norwegian Forest cat. All that fluff and cute would make my day.


I don’t like to favour one animal over others as I love them all.
I can write a bit about my favourite animals so far though:
DOGS> a whippet, a young Irish setter, an easygoing Maltese ShiTsu
CATS > a super friendly Burmese cat, a fluffy cat who was actually fluffy and loved cuddles, and a gorgeous Ragdoll cat with her British short hair friend.
And another favourite cat was ordinary looking black and white but sooo special personality wise, and very cuddly.
My favourite type of animal is affectionate and cuddly, but not too hyper and quiet when I need to work. Having said that, I pet sat an Irish setter who was a but hyper at times and I totally loved him anyway.
It’s all about the energy between me and the pet!
Another pet sit i LOOOVED was with a budgie, and I hope to mind more birds in future.
And guinea pigs, and rabbits, and other animals!
A few years ago I minded some goats and I was totally in love with them too, especially one of them, and even learned how to milk them.


Are you currently in Norway?
(I am, with two small black cats)

@andrealovesanimals currently in Southern Spain :es:

Enjoy your current sit with kitties! :black_cat::heart::slightly_smiling_face:

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CATS! I love all cats, but the ones I have fallen head over heels in love with have been a Maine Coon and a Sphynx. I was unsure about sitting for a sphynx as I’d never met one before but he turned out to be very soft and just so full of energy!


@Dace We would absolutely love to sit for a Sphinx cat too! They look so adorable :cat::clap:t2:


I’m mostly a cat person but I love dogs. For cats I’d l’d like sit for Sphynx. I love how they feel, like live suede! For dogs I’d like to sit for a Borzoi, or any Cavalier King Charles Spaniel :heart: I can’t get enough of the CKCS’s. They’re the best!

@Samox24 great question! I love all animals but if I had to choose just one gotta say I’m a horse girl at heart :two_hearts::horse:


@CynthiaMichael that’s a lovely photo :horse::slightly_smiling_face:


Gorgeous horse and photo :camera_flash: :camera: :framed_picture:


I know I’ve commented here before but as a photographer I’d love to sit for a ginormous Maine Coon, Norwegian forest cat or a Siberian forest cat. I’d also like to sit dor a British Shorthair preferably Gray with copper eyes, they are very unique. I follow one on instagram who’s name is Kirk the cat and he lives in Scotland. Of course I love them all but certain cat breeds are particularly photogenic.

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I would like to try an elephant. They look like fun, except cleaning the poop.