What do you say when you apply?

That’s fine if it works for you withut filling in the dates. There are a few reasons why sitters are lucky. For example; many HOs don’t even bother reading full profiles including the dates. Many who do look at the dates are confused by them and think if the dates are showing (with white backgrouds) that’s when you’re available.

Many sitters never fill in the available dates, and the applications can overide this.

But the way I see it is; I might as well maximise my chances of getting picked. So I fill in the dates.

Hey there, not sure about the date part of your post…that may have been directed for someone in the feed?

I guess we agree to disagree :upside_down_face: When it comes length of bios and applications etc., I have to go on my career experience in marketing and promotions that says the best practice is a neat and tidy app that is enticing, and longer bio that is content and context rich.

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Love this @Leftcoastofcanada great advice, it obviously worked for you …

I have actually written to the pets … it’s worked every time


I think you may be right (but I’m not sure) for home owners are searching for sitters. If a home owner puts in a set of dates and ask for sitters who are available, maybe that’s what happens.

But I don’t think it matters if you have your available dates set up on the calendar when you apply for a sit. I think from that point, the conversation is open between the home owner and the sitter regardless of what your calendar says.

Maybe a moderator can chime in on this?

Thank you! I made the same assumption.

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I know eh?..me too! The homeowner responded to my application and i replied by writing to their cat: Dear Mollie, I’m not sure you know this but your Mom is considering me as your new pal for when they are away…isn’t that exciting?!"…

It’s fun and approachable and can start the video meet-up later on a lighthearted note.


Excellent advice, very on point. As someone now with several desirable sits under her belt, I’ve tweaked my profile from studying other successful sitter’s profiles, with short, informative paragraphs, but I also hit all the high points in my application.

And you’re right, many owners don’t read the profile. I applied to an amazing sit today and got confirmed within five minutes, based on my application only. There’s no way they even had time to read my profile.