What happens to my application if HO deletes dates?

Hey all,
I just applied for a sit and then almost instantly the HO deleted the dates. And then I got an email (this sit is no longer available). I understand that maybe the HO didn’t realize their sit was live or something and decided to pull it down. (I wasn’t deselected, the sit itself was deleted.)
But then they reposted again immediately, with the dates slightly changed (I think it was just one day difference). When I clicked on the Apply button, it said they had 0 applicants. So I’m wondering if I would need to apply again, or if they would be able to interact with and confirm me from my initial application.
I did send them another message ‘applying’ for the new sit, just in case (and explained my reasoning to them). But it still left me wondering.

(I did have a look through the spyglass to see if this had been covered, but hadn’t found exactly my question.)

I would apply again for new dates to make sure that your application is seen … can you see your application as sent or did that disappear too ?

If you can see it , copy and paste quickly for the new dates . Time is of the essence…

All the best.

I can see both messages. I just sent an addendum ‘applying’ for the new dates. They replied that they got both my messages, but I’m not sure if they would’ve been able to engage me as a sitter if I hadn’t. I guess that’s my question.

I don’t think so ….they could have got round it by sending a private invitation but that gets complicated . So you’ve the way you have done it , is the most straightforward way for them .

As I understand it once a listing is live the dates can’t be changed - it has to be pulled , dates changed and then re- listed ….as a new sit .

All The best - hope you get the sit !

@CoolCatAunt did you get the sit ?