What is your most wanted 'missing amenity' at a sit?

Often I’ll buy a flowering plant or flowers and leave those - this time she got a bedside lamp.


And I bet she appreciated it more.

Exactly. There are so many cheap and cheerful stores out there and if it isn’t to their taste they can stick it in a cupboard till you come back.

I’m a host (and a sitter) and happy to say that I have a luggage rack, reading lamps, multiple coffee makers, pet carriers and nearly everything else on this thread! I probably don’t have enough sharp knives for serious cooks, especially meat knives since I’m vegetarian!

I’ve only done a few sits, but have learned that some houses skimp on towels, so I am bringing a small microfiber one to my next sit.


Hey @mars : it reminds me once I bought a mop - couldn’t find any in the house ! How can you leave in a house, with a dog and a garden with no mop ???:thinking::grimacing: They had an electric mop which I found totally inefficient - maybe I was not used to it and didn’t use correctly ! Anyway I bought the mop… but I took it back with me - hopefully I was driving back home ! Not because I needed it myself at home not because I paid for it but only because I thought if I had left it maybe HO would think I thought (yes sometimes it is very weird in my brain :crazy_face::roll_eyes:) they were not clean enough or something similar… And so I have 2 mops now at home where I have no animals, living in a city with no garden at the entrance and a terrace before coming into the house and I am not too fussy about clean floor !! And this mop always remind me of the lovely Romagnolo dog we took care of for 8 days ! A kind of memory-mop !


That was smart, @Françoise-et-Youn. I have stayed in places that had no had mops, brooms, vac cleaners, etc. so I have gotten down on my hands and knees and wiped the floors with rags and paper towels. I have also considered traveling with my own vacuum cleaner but haven’t acted on this yet —- maybe when cordless vacs drop way down in price. I know I’m a candidate for the “how to pack light “ crash course. My supplies keep growing and growing!

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Ceramic pans don’t work with an induction cooker.

Some do. It depends how they are made.

There speaks a geek who bought an induction hob last year and researched for over a week to find the best pots and pans.


No broom :broom: ? :scream::roll_eyes:

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This may not be considered a ‘missing amenity’, but traveling/eating with plastic forks is a must for me (even at home). I just cannot stand the stainless steel of a fork on my teeth. Yet, stainless steel spoons don’t bother me …no trouble eating ice cream or soup. :rofl: I also travel with plastic cups and paper plates…less clean up/cuts down on washing dishes.

This is why I really encourage my sitters to reach out to me if they have ANY questions that we hadn’t addressed before I’ve left. Their questions also let me know what I should add to my Welcome Guide and go over with future sitters.


I believe it’s because washers in uk are generally cold water feed so the cycle takes longer than in the US

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That is a great tip Bunnycat. I usually pack a jar of instant coffee or sometimes a little plug in device to heat one cup. Just wondering how the coffee maker works. I too am a very enthusiastic coffee drinker.

Hi @snowbob here is a quick tutorial

Also it is not mentioned in the video, but you can easily control the coffee strength by adjusting the amount of coffee and speed of dripping

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I just need an outlet near the bed to plug in the phone which I need for an alarm and to be on call for work and then a clear space to be able to work. Other than that, if it’s really an amenity I can’t live without - I am probably bringing it with me.