What odd item do you always travel with?

A large supply of sewing supplies. Some I use and some I don’t and I am always looking for a sewing machine in my new location. I just made a new pair of pants this week.


A pocket knife is not permitted on your person or in a carryon. In the 90’s when these regulations had just started, my dad
approached Security with the Swiss Army knife I had brought him from Switzerland in his pocket and they confiscated it.

Thank you, my mistake :relaxed:

When we driving,
Yoga mat
Fleece blanket
All must haves,

Also, even when flying
Green tea, chammomille tea & coffee sachets & if we can ceramic takeaway cups.

I never house sit without my own tea, teapot or knitting!

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I think you can only keep a knife in checked bags. That’s what we do. Don’t think I’d take one in carryon. If you’re not checking a bag, leave the knife at home.

My folding Spork has a serrated edge on one side and works as a knife in a pinch. I’ve used it to cut a baguette on the side of the road.

Folding scissors also work in a pinch. :rofl:


Thank you, I will definitely be adding this spork to my packing at the first opportunity! :smile:

I had a colleague who had to stay in a hotel for a week and she wanted to heat up her leftover pizza, but no microwave in the room. Solution? Heat up the iron, place a tissue on the iron and place said pizza on top of tissue. Heat until warm through. I thought it was genius (just like your scissor knife)


Similar to @Mal, music is essential and we’ve been on a few sits where the stereo system was obsolete, so we got an Apple Pod which is super compact and fine either when driving or flying.

Also being chefs, good knives are vital which we bring in a sheath (but still must go in checked baggage.) Microplane, handheld citrus juicer, and if I’m driving I even bring my Vitamix so I guess that might be the ‘odd item.’ :person_with_crown:

Playing cards (you’d be amazed how skilled those cats are :joy_cat:) and :books:

And always my own pillow and a good throw blanket.


Instant coffee, non-dairy creamer, and sweetener. I have to have that first cup before I start searching for coffee in the house or nearby.
Pillows, my husband needs extra.
A print out of the Welcome guide.

I take the same! (minus the creamer)

You can stuff 12 tubes in these boxes.

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A one - cup Bodum coffee cafetierre.

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I get it. I can’t order coffee before I’ve had coffee.

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Our Italian expresso coffee pot + the first pack of coffee!!
Our feather pillows from IKEA
A collapsible steamer
Me- my foldable yoga mat and stretch bands
Hubby- his electric and acoustic travel guitars!
Everything else is optional!!

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We also travel with a Victorinox sharpener, a knife would be a bit too impractical for us to carry around.

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My Aeropress (for coffee and espresso)


I down to one suite case and my laptop bag. I left the States on May 30th I have visited London, Kenya, Egypt, now Dubai soon Istanbual then France on August 18th. I had more stuff when I started out but gave away the larger Samsonite suite case and kept the mid sized one. Donated clothes along the way and items that made others happy. I have thrifted some new attire in Dubai and used the sewing machine at the house. I do carry more sewing supplies than most people but just the basics.


My spork. Always in my purse or pack. :smiley:

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and that is what exactly? Please do tell I may just need to go out and get one … whatever it is :wink: