What travel app do you love using the most?

Cool! I may give it a try. Thanks @ExploreDreamDiscover.

Nice thanks!
just downloaded it and first impression, fabulous!

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That looks a lot like Foursquare. In Foursquare you can can create list of places to go and the nicest thing is you can share them with friends and they can add places to your list as well.
Google Maps have not copied that functionality and you can create custom lists of places.

One of my favorite app Where is the Public Toilet :rofl:

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@123ForumUser Definitely a good App to have :+1:t2::sweat_smile:

Airbnb, and Skyscanner quite useful. They can help with finding accommodations, planning itineraries, and searching for the best flight deals.

A sentimental one for us has been downloading one second a day - it is the most beautiful app just in life and I don’t know why so many people have never heard of it.
It is free and allows you to create a montage of a single second video each day.
Truly the most special memories we have had petsitting internationally over the last year and looking back.
I’ve used it for five years now!


I signed up for a new app called Vacay Delay where you register your flight and if the flight is delayed by 60 minutes or more you are automatically issued an airport lounge pass from one of their 1300 lounges around the world.

Google Maps is one of the most useful, works as a SatNav both on foot and in the car, timetable for public transport, its an amazing tool.

what3words what3words.com that assigns a unique 3 word link to any location in the world. Great for those named houses that don’t have addresses in the UK. Links to google maps and other mapping apps.
atlasobscura atlasobscura.com to find unusual tourist sites.


Looking for recommendations for an awesome travel app or calendar to purchase.