What travel & medical insurance is used?

I am in the process of researching which travel insurance and medical insurance is best to purchase when traveling. Any suggestions as I am curious as to what people use/like? We are U.S. citizens preparing for a sit in Canada and are hoping to go to the UK & Europe next fall! Would love to hear from experienced people!
Thank you

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It will depend on your age and whether you have any underlying medical conditions.
I can’t recommend a company to you as am from the UK and have my preferred insurance company there.
Do you have a comparison site you can check? In the UK we have moneysupermarket.com and others. I’m sure you must have something similar.

Hello @LeaAnn-Doug as @Smiley mentioned it is always a good idea to check through a comparison website and of course they will depend on your age and any underlying medical conditions. Be sure to include the right amount of cover for yourselves, should the unexpected happen.

Whereabouts in Canada will you be sitting?

We found insurance and I did compare them! Good for the mind​:rofl::joy:! We found exactly what we needed! I need to start looking at companies for our “cross the pond” travels! We are currently in Okotoks, Alberta. We had a week in Banff and are finishing up a sit in Okotoks!

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@LeaAnn-Doug: I’m curious what insurance you chose and why? Basically the question you posed to others for this topic. :sweat_smile:

Glad that your sits seem to be going well!

We are UK residents and have been told our current travel insurance won’t cover ‘volunteering’ work overseas . Can anyone recommend a company who may be able to do including pre existing conditions please? Thanks