Whats missing in our sitting request

Would someone mind checking my application for a sitter please to see what I’m missing - maybe its too early yet but the only application I’ve had has not been suitable! Thank you :blush:

Hi @Suemb

So that we can take a look at your listing to offer any advice, you will have to link it to your forum profile.

This is how to do that…

How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile

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@Suemb, I have added your listing to your forum profile so members can access it and offer feedback. I hope you find it helpful. Your dogs are darling.,

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I think it looks great!

The main thing that is holding people back is the need for a car, as car rentals are expensive. I am surprised that someone who lives there has not jumped on it.

Also for those not used to driving on the other side of the road, driving can be scary.

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Hi @Suemb if youre still looking for feedback:

I read the listing title as ominous - “surrogate.”

Cover photo would be better as the view from balcony over houses picture.

There’s two pix of the pups on the blue couch…perhaps add a different pix.

Any applicant not suitable for your sit, be sure to decline the sitter as soon as you know; a very brief note is a nice touch with the decline.

Good luck!

Hi @Suemb we did a sit in Tura Beach in 2019 and it was wonderful, that whole area was gorgeous. Your listing looks good and I’m sure the right person will come along soon. Your sit is in September, so you definitely have time.

We just finished a 4-week sit (on another platform) that was a great match for both us and the owners (and pets). And we’re still smiling when we think of them. When it’s good, it’s really good. Worth waiting for the right person/s.


I highly recommend anyone looking to travel to Australia to consider this sit as part of a larger/longer journey to Oz.

Recently I have noticed a huge increase in sits here in Oz, there haven’t been near as many since Covid. So for anyone wanting to visit Australia and do some housesitting, there is so many good ones with long sit times so it’s a perfect opportunity to see this big, beautiful country of ours.

The OP’s home is in a great location and is a terrific starting point for further travels throughout the country and with so many beautiful sits now available, please come visit, it’s worth the long flight and we need you!! :luggage::airplane:


Why ominous?

Maybe another visit to Tura is on the cards :wink:

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Thank you- lovely letter- and yes, I know there’s time !

My association with the word surrogate is a formal tone…a serious word…high responsibility…not images of palm trees and oceans.

Love the new title!

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The listing looks fine to me. I could even be tempted even though it’s on the other side of the world.

The only reason I can think of why there are not many applicants yet is that the sit is a long time away. I suspect many sitters are booking a couple of months out at most. Good luck!

I think your listing looks great! Your babies are adorable! As someone hoping to do a LONG trip to Aus and NZ before too long I see only two difficulties. 1) Why only a couple? Having done well over a 100 sits solo without any issues (including some remote areas), a couple should not be absolutely necessary so perhaps opening that will help. 2)And then there is the car. Having lived in the UK for awhile I am just as comfortable driving on the “wrong side” as my own. Specifying no car will probably limit you to only sitters fairly nearby when your listing says no public transportation. Use of a car might make a BIG difference. Maybe limiting to those used to driving on the left might help if your insurance allows. But don’t give up! Your perfect sitter(s) are out there!

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I would take photos during the day and with the windows open, i.e. no curtains in front of the window, otherwise it looks very closed.

I have little idea of the entire house from the photos. The photos always only show details, e.g. a bed or a sofa, but I would like to get an impression of the space in a house, of an entire room.

I really think you could benefit from making the images a little more attractive.

Awe, that new headline is adorable.

Too bad Australia is so damn far away…

@Suemb looks like two applicants! Keep us posted on how things turn out!

Sue - I think you have a lovely post.
My guess is that two elements are affecting the sitters you’re seeing
(1) The need for a car (not everyone has one that does sits)
(2) The sit is pretty far in the future (some like to plan way in advance but most don’t)
Your pix are nice, your home & doggies look inviting, you clearly flexible people.
Perhaps when it’s a little closer to the date you’ll have better luck!
I’m sure you’ll find someone great.
Cheers, A

Ditto what most are indicating regarding cost of travel and needing a car. But you’ll likely find someone- it’s quite a ways out- we like to plan in advance and we are only ever looking about 6 months out.

One more suggestion- you might get a remote worker- add a picture of the desk option you indicate is available in amenities.

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@Suemb You have a lovely listing. Like @ziggy, I’m Australian too and can highly recommend your location, especially for spring. For that length of time, I would happily drive from Victoria as, I’m sure, other Aussies would but I am already committed for September. Obviously if an international sitter is interested, then transport may become an issue, especially if an emergency vet visit is required. It might be a good idea to include what public transport is available.
I’m afraid I’m not one of those sitters who warms to the “Pawparents” title! My choice would be to promote your amazing location and cute pups instead.

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Thank you to all who have replied. The OP has received the help they needed so the topic has been closed.