No applicants for my up coming sit - help!

I would appreciate any advice on how to boost my sit (I’ve already used the 1 boost fro THS) I’ve messaged loads of sitters but no applications at all. We’ve been members for a few years and always had lots of applications for each of the sits we’ve put on here.
I’m getting really concerned now.
Any advice welcome re how I can improve my listing.
Thank you


In order for us to be able to advise, you will have to add a link of your listing to your profile name

This is how to do it

HI iv; e added the listing to my profile as per the link you sent, thank you.

@Manda, I know you love sits with an Aga!

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Hi @HNS - your place looks great and the pet responsibilities are quite easy. The offer of a car is very appreciated by sitters.

One area I’d want to know more about is the sleeping arrangements. Do you have a guest room, how big is the bed, are there photos of the bedroom the sitter would use?

If you add more details on the living arrangements for the sitters, this may help, but it’s already a great looking sit. Best of luck.

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I would like to read more about location. What is the village called? How far is it to Stratford, how far to get groceries, to go to the pub.

When that info is not in the listing, I usually do not apply.

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@HNS Your sit looks lovely. Have you reached out to any of your previous sitters to see if they might be interested in returning or if have any good sitters in their network who may be interested? Best of luck in finding suitable sitters.

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As a pet sitter, I would be put off applying to look after your lovely pets, simply because the dogs need to be fed at lunchtime.
As a visitor to the area, I would find it too it restrictive on taking your dogs out for long walks, or with me sightseeing.

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In one of the photos I see a spiral staircase - if this is the only access to bedrooms then it would be worth mentioning it somehow.

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Thank you so much for your really helpful comments, I have made lots of the recommended alterations and added more photos and explanations.
Fingers crossed!

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HI thank you so much. I"ve made the amendments re location and distances to shop/pub etc .

very helpful, thank you. I have made some changes as per your message.

Just the kind of sit we would love to do but we are already confirmed for another sit on those dates .

I think if you cancel the dates and re-list you appear as “new” in searches .

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This is the sort of sit we also enjoy, and I had favourited your listing previously. Howevrr we have already committed to a regular repeat sit during your dates.

I would not know what you have to change about your listing…
Looks great.
It is that we are not in the neighbourhood/ not available. But this would be the kind of sit we would apply for.
So maybe just re-list it as mentioned.
Good luck. I can’t imagine that you will not get any suitable applicants.

Not sure if this is the sane where you are but i have been looking for sits fir Easter weekend in the Denver, CO area in the US and there are lots that start on March 28. It may just be a very competitive weekend. Good luck. I hope your changes help.

Your pictures are great, house is beautiful and pets gorgeous. We’re also booked up or would’ve definitely applied. It think there are just so many sits on for the Easter holidays but I’m sure you’ll get some applications now it’s back at the top :crossed_fingers:

Hi … your home and animals look absolutely lovely but I would think about it from a sitter’s perspective, and the things they will be assessing before they apply:

i) Where will I sleep? You have a photo of a bed, will that be ‘my room’? I’d like a bit more exact information ie is it a spare ensuite or whatever?

ii) what are the dog walking/leaving expectations, ie will the dogs need one/two walks a day, for how long? And how long is it acceptable to leave them for sightseeing?

Your listing looks great and I can’t really think of anything to improve it. It may just be a case of bad luck with sitters being unavailable.
If you’ve had the same main photo for a while try swapping it for a different view. The picnic table with the field in the distance or the lovely AGA may catch the eye. (I also think changing photos may repost your sit as ‘New’ which you really want to do.)
Also, there’s the new issue of the inability for couples to book for overlapping dates, so you could potentially shorten by one day on either side, put the ACTUAL dates in the description and see if anyone reaches out.
FWIW, we don’t usually take sits with multiple dogs, but I’d be tempted to apply if we were available.
Good luck!

Hello @HNS the listings looks great!
As someone who is saving listings for a Fall trip in '24, your listing is very tempting to save. Why I would not save your listing is mainly the feeding schedule

We would want to sight-see and a mid-day lunch would make us have to pass.
Also as “vacationers” because I know both the stay and sight seeing are important, we would also pass due to the number of animals, for all fairness.

You have great reviews, one not completed, so maybe just a matter of time.

Overall…your listing is lovely as well as your home and pets!