When does the 5 application cap get reached for a sit listing with multiple dates?

@Ben-ProductManager I applied for a London sit this morning that has multiple sit dates listed. I only applied for one of the dates 20-25 Jan 2023. I have a saved search set up for 16-26 Jan 2023 in the UK and noticed that this listing no longer appeared in my saved searches list. Thinking that the 5 application cap had been reached for the dates I applied for, I checked to see if the status had changed to “reviewing applications”. I was very surprised to see the dates I applied for, 20-25 Jan 2023, were not there, not even the dates with a “reviewing applications” message under them. Is this correct?

Also, for a listing with multiple sit dates, when is the 5 application cap reached? Is it for the total applications across all dates or is it based on each listed date seperately?

Currently the listing shows the following data:
23 Dec-27 Dec, 3 applicants
30 Dec-2 Jan, 1 applicant
6 Jan-9 Jan, 2 applicants

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