Sit dates greyed out

Sit dates greyed out and no applications shown although I have applied and had a reply.

Hello, @TheEnglishFlaneur I will direct message you now to assist further.

I tried to reply to your email and it wasn’t delivered,

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@TheEnglishFlaneur I have sent you another DM with screenshots, let me know if you do not receive it.

Without going into specifics I can also assist you here.

If it is for the sit that you have recently applied for then the greyed-out dates you see when you view their listing means that the owner has reached the 5-application limit/the listing is paused and is reviewing the applications. Your application is still there, it just means others can not apply for those dates now.

To see the same applied for sit, scroll down your dashboard to the grey box ‘My House Sits’ and you can view the applied for sits here.

Let me know if you need any more help at all.

I’m receiving your email but I can’t reply to them. I’ve read the explanation but I don’t understand why there isn’t anything displayed to explain that the maximum number of sits have been received. Wouldn’t that make sense?

@TheEnglishFlaneur Great feedback. You are only seeing the greyed-out dates as you have already applied and it is a reminder of the dates you have applied for. Anyone else looking at the listing will just see that the listing is ‘reviewing’ and not see the greyed-out dates. I can most definitely pass your feedback along.

This might help with the DM messages:

Can you see the green reply button under my message to you?

I see one Green Reply above, another below and a grey Reply to the side. All very confusing. I wonder how many users know or understand what Markup, BBCode or HTML means?

@TheEnglishFlaneur Great, if you click on the green reply in our message thread then you can reply to me. I look forward to your message and let me know if you need any more help at all.