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Been using this site successfully for 2 + years. Unusually I have had NO applications for my listing starting on 14th Feb. Please could someone check my dashboard and tell me if I have omitted to do something. Thank you.
What other info, do you need from me to enable you to do this?

I have boosted my dates and rather worryingly it says Private Dates in red underneath, although I HAVE followed the advice to manage dates to Public.
have tried to upload a screen shot - without success.
Am I getting too old for this site?

Hello @Squirrelsdig I’m sorry to hear that you are struggling with using the site. I have asked Membership Services to reach out to you as you need some help. Please look out for an email from them and I have also sent you a direct message on the forum.

If you need help linking your THS listing to your forum profile for others to view just let me or one of the Forum Team know, we would be happy to help!

I hope you get everything sorted soon :slight_smile:


Another reply from me, Carla

This is why I find this site challenging. In your other email you refer to adding your link to your FORUM profile and that it is different for Sitters and Owners.
I followed the link and eventually found this - below.
I still don’t see how to add a link so someone on the Forum can check out my listing to correct it.
This appears to tell me that I mustn’t add a link as it gives an unfair advantage - although anothe rmember has received help for her listing so there must be. way to do it - but I haven;t found it.

As I have told you, James kindly corrected my Dashboard but I need to learn this for another time.

Thank you for any help to make this easier for me to understand.

Kind regards,


Owners - Posting links to listings or details of house sits

For safety and privacy reasons, we kindly ask that you do not upload house sit listings in forum topics or comments - they will be removed. This includes creating a topic or comment for the sole or partial purpose of promoting your current dates which will be removed. However, you may add a link within your forum profile.

Our forum is designed to be a place where members can chat, share advice and their experiences, rather than being another platform to find a sit or a sitter.

Keeping listings and profiles on the TrustedHousesitters website (including cancellations beyond 7 day starts - see ‘exceptions’ below) also ensures that every member (even those not signed up to the forum) gets a fair and equal chance to apply for a house sit or reach out to a sitter. It also ensures that best practices are followed and there is no confusion about how the process works for either sitters and owners.

EXCEPTION : Last Minute Sits - If you have a sit that begins with 7 days you may post the link and the details in the Last Minute Sit category, following the appropriate guidelines pinned in that space.

Hi @Squirrelsdig as @Carla is out of the office at the moment I have linked your THS listing on to your Forum profile for you as requested.

Just to clarify as per your attached paragraph, ‘Owners - Posting links to listings or details of house sits’, you can link your THS profile to your Forum profile as I have done for you but we kindly ask that you do not upload house sit listings in Forum topics or comments - they will be removed. The only exception is ‘Last Minute Sits’, If you have a sit that begins within 7 days you may post the link and the details in the Last Minute Sit category, following the appropriate guidelines pinned in that space. I hope that helps to clarify for you and if you have any further questions please do not hesitate to ask.

@Squirrelsdig your listing looks great as do the reviews from previous sitters .

Now that your dates are Public I am sure you’ll have no difficulty in finding a suitable sitter .

We already have a sit confirmed for those dates , but it would be the kind of sit we would apply for .

@Squirrelsdig your listing looks gorgeous and your kitties are very sweet. I cannot see anything off putting to a potential sitter.

Good clear photos
Lovely pets
Detailed profile
Great previous reviews
Decent sitting dates

Just have to be patient and see who applies in certain you will have a wonderful sitter


You have a really lovely, descriptive listing @Squirrelsdig with two gorgeous cats. You’re a thoughtful and appreciative owner judging by your reviews of your sitters and acknowledging their reviews of you.
Like @Silversitters, I’m sure you will attract applicants soon. Perhaps you listed it when the hundreds of Christmas/New Year owners were looking for sitters and it quickly got lost in amongst them. All the best.

Thanks you for taking time to respond. It was my error but is sorted now with Public dates.

Thanks so much for your time. Yes, that was the problem but I couldn’t see how to sort it. All good now - fingers crossed!

Thank you for responding with so much encouragement. I need to try harder to get my head round this site and make sure I have PUBLIC dates set.

Hi @Squirrelsdig Your listing looks great- in all respects! I am sure someone will apply soon! Good luck!

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Thank you @Lokstar. I now have a sitter booked!

Thanks to help from the team, I now have a fabulous sitter booked. Thank you all for your encouragement.


Topic closed as a sitter has been found.