When leaving a sit, do you leave a gift etc.?

Hi @JackieX and @karenfay I am tending to agree with both of you. We do usually leave the house cleaner than when we arrive by just doing what we do at home, rather than doing anything special.
What I don’t understand is reading reviews by HOs saying how impressed they have been with the sitter:
sorting and re-arranging the cutlery drawers
tidying up the garage
cleaning out and re-organising cds/books etc in alphabetical order
cleaning and polishing cars that they didn’t even use and so on

Usually there is not much mention of looking after the pets in these reviews and I wouldn’t apply for these kind of sits.
If I was a HO I would be mortified to find that something had been re-organised without my authority.


Hubbie lifts out the following
2 cereal bowls
2 soup bowls
2 side plates
2 dinner plates
2 cups
Pots that he knows we will use
They get put over to the side and no need for us going in and out of cupboards etc.

I’m also realizing this is going to vary from sit to sit. Currently on a month long sit and the homeowners told us to eat whatever we want from the cupboard, fridge or freezer. Obviously the fridge stuff would expire before their return, but they are moving right after they return so they are ok with us cleaning out the pantry and freezer too. This is going to save us hundreds of dollars on food costs as they have frozen meat and veggies and a stocked pantry. With that said, we have decided we will leave them a grocery gift card when we leave so they can use it to stock their new kitchen. I see pet/housesitting as a relationship and if and what kind of gift you leave should probably be chosen on a case by case basis.


I’m a retired chef so I gravitate to food. I take a look around at the food they have and figure out what they like. I usually leave a pot of homemade soup, a pan of lasagna or a batch of homemade cookies. Food is always appreciated.


I usually leave some home made cookies or maybe a crumble or something I’ve made using the produce from the garden. I would never buy anything for a gift. I wondered about leaving a thank you card but it seemed unnecessary as the owners know how much we have enjoyed ourselves by our messages.

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