When Owners "Suddenly" Remove The Listing Right After You Apply

Hi @Manunited the issue was you had paused applications on all dates … as I’m not sure which dates you have enough applications for I have left the May dates closed and re-opened April & June, your listing is back live.

If there’s any difference simply go in and using the drop down pause only the dates you have enough applications for.

I have sent a note to the team about your listing not being visible when you first paused the dates.

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@Angela-HeadOfCommunity Thank you for your assistance.
My understanding is If I pause a listing either with one date or multiple dates that are all paused, my profile will still be visible and shown as a sit without current dates. Is it still possible for a sitter to ‘like’ a listing without current dates?

Hi @Manunited, I’m just going to share my experience relating to your question, for the sake of other sitters. I spent some time going through ‘liking’ (marking as favourite) sits without current dates on the website. Later on, I learned that I would only get notifications of listings I marked as favourites if I did that through the app on my phone. I think the phone app only displays listings with current dates. I then realized I would not get notifications of new listings for those listings I’d favourited without current dates. The homeowners would still know that I’d liked them, if they have a standard or premium account. However, my goal was to get notifications for any of those listings. I now only use the favourite option on listings using the phone app.


Thanks @Snowbird

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