When third party is not human?

At my sit here in London came into the dark kitchen and see cat eating but cat looks a bit different than my Girl Ruby.
Put the light on and hello
Who are you and how did you get in?

Wasn’t even phased by me.
She went to the flap, which didn’t open and waited for me to let her out.
Do I need to report this ? :laughing:

My guess is she came much earlier when garden door was open and curled up somewhere or through the kitchen window.
Hmm :thinking:


Look at that attitude! This is most certainly an interloper, neighborhood bully perhaps…but not one to share :flushed: So now what?

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s escapades!

Ruby not impressed


Love it @Amparo!! Will look forward to the next episode!!


Obviously done it before. Waiting to read next instalment.


Hilarious!!! Sounds like that little kitty has visited before :wink:


It will be interesting “reporting” to my friends and host who is a criminal detective investigator, “Guv’ner, we have had an intrusion…”

On my…might just need to energize those hidden motion-activated cameras :movie_camera:


lol we have them. I hear Alexa all the time, “Motion detected in the garden” (I am the motion :slight_smile: )
They are just not low enough Bwuhahahahah


Good thing the “intruder” was not a skunk! or a rat! or an opossum! or a rattlesnake!!! We get these types in California!!!

Oh @Amparo please do keep us posted (she types as she realizes the door at her pet sit is currently open too…)!

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Day two
Missy walks in right through into the dining room like she’s been here before and it’s nobody’s business.
Shushed her out and bad me gave her some pats and snuggles.

Then tried to come back in (several times) but this time security stepped up

Thou shalt not pass!
Had a bit of a standoff with our boy but Miss Ruby took over and made it clear.

Sorry kiddo.
It was a unanimous decision.