When you ‘click’ you ‘click’…

So I’ve now been a ‘sitter’ member for 3 weeks, and feel that I’ve really benefitted from this Forum (I’ve avidly read EVERYTHING -partly due to having the coughing bug so having been stuck feeling poorly at home on the sofa :sneezing_face:). I’ve followed all the top tips and advice. This means editing my profile probably 20 times, each time a result of reading a new top tip. Just today I learnt how to move the ‘about me’ profile photos to create a better first impression.

Anyway I’ve now got some great local (SE England) sits lined up for the Summer/Autumn and I’ve been thinking about the HOs and the process of choosing/being chosen. It’s definitely about the ‘click’…… there’s something in the HO profile which all other things being right for me (location/pets/responsibilities/property), either draws you to applying, or makes you pause for thought, and it really is something intangible……a kind of magic :star_struck::heart_eyes: so I’m imaging it’s the same for the HO too reading our profile - it either makes them think nah or yeh!
I’ve been walking dogs for ages and most dogs I can click with straight away whilst a few not immediately and I have to really work at it….it’s the same with cats and horses. It’s all about THE CLICK :grinning:


Just like people, you either vibe or not


Indeed, you either click or you get “the ick”! Get well soon @BonnyinBrighton
Here’s to more magical clicks and wonderful sits in the future :sparkles::paw_prints:


It’s sooooo true :heart_eyes: