Where have all the sitters gone to?

Its common for your listing to be saved my many sitters but that is really just to say they like your listing and it would maybe be nice to do if the dates you need ever coincide with their plans.

Is there a reason that the genuine application you have had is not what you are looking for? If it seems like a good fit I would advice arranging a video call and if you like them ,getting them booked before someone else does - sitters are in great demand at the moment.

Contacting local people directly is not a bad idea. There are many sitters that are not always actively looking but a message from you might spark an interest

Its always a good idea to link your listing to your profile name on this forum - that way members of the forum can take a look and give you any advise on if there is any way to improve it to attract more sitters - This is how you do that, good luck!