Where have all the sitters gone to?

Hello Colin, thank you for your feedback. I wanted to change the title anyway, and made some other additions to my posting.
Warm regards,

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Good luck x

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Thank you, I have responded there!

After sending kind, personal messages to about 40 sitters I’m quickly losing hope. I’ve messaged people near me, people within a few hours driving distance, people on the West coast that frequently travel around, etc. Shortened the trip, offered the car, told perks of the area/home, I’m not sure what else to try.

The calendar hasn’t been helpful, as many sitters with dates in green are not available/active, and many sitters are active & have some sits booked but leave their calendar white the rest of the time, whether available or not. So searching, reviewing, & messaging has been very time consuming. There really should be a better way to find sitters available/interested now.

Fingers crossed the social media posting helps!


I totally agree with the availability not being updated as a big issue. I checked that before I invoted people to sit, yet they were all unavailable…I need help, I am leaving in just a few weeks and I am starting to panic a bit.

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Hi @Ladygreynius I have not read your listing but have only viewed your photos. I suggest you reduce the number of photos of your pets and the pool table photos and increase and improve your interior photos. I would retake the kitchen photo so the area can be seen clearly. I would also add photos of the bedroom and bathroom the sitter(s) will use. Sitters want to see the areas where they will be living.


Hi @Ladygreynius I have read your listing and you definitely need to give more information on your pets - it is a bit vague, the outside babies, the big ones…To some sitters the pets/animals are more important than the home, or at least equally important.


Gotcha, will do that tomorrow

Hi. I have been using Trusted Housesitters for quite a few years. Every time I post housesit date I immediately get a ,lot of responses - this year my listing has been up for quite a while and I haven’t had one response. Is everyone fin ding that people are being cautious (covid maybe?) or is it just quiet this year. We’re in a great location so usually its popular with responses. Just picturing getting to the summer and not having anyone to look after my furry friends! Emma x


The consensus seems to be it’s a combination of things:

  • With covid, people are more likely to be cautious about doing sits far away/in another country
  • Sitters also haven’t had a chance to take a holiday in a long time so some are sitting less and vacationing more
  • There has been a huge spike in demand for sitters to care for the literal millions of new pets that people acquired during covid

I would make sure that your sit is linked in your forum profile. Maybe ask for some feedback as, with the glut of sits, sitters can be much more picky these days so even a small thing can turn people off, use the tools that the site provides such as boosting and social media mentions (i don’t know much about this part as i’m not a HO).

Either way, I would not be discouraged at this point. Good luck!


Yes, I think I will re-look at my listing, take some fresh pics and sit tight for a bit longer. Thanks for replying

Hi Emma, my situation was very much like yours and after several weeks without any response, booked by dog & cats into kennels. Having forgotten to delete the dates from the site, yesterday I had my first application which I had to refuse having paid a wacking deposit to the kennels. Although I’d always prefer a house/pet sitter, we are going away in 3 weeks time and I didn’t feel happy leaving the organisation of pet care so close to departure!

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I am not sure what exactly you are responding to in this note (below). If you are referring to the practice in which only US sitters have to undergo an intrusive background check but homeowners do not (nor do sitters in other countries) perhaps you might consider: 1) The added risk of cyber theft we are now subjected to; 2) Sitters meet with homeowners at our own risk in a private home or address they direct us to.

There is nothing magical about TH. If there were, then they wouldn’t have asked for my social security number of photo of my license. While I don’t choose to live in fear, I am also not blind to the one-sided fear that TH is buying into for sitters without considering our reciprocal safety. And that doesn’t even get into the symbolism of such a lopsided policy.

<<I actually don’t understand where THS favors HOs. As a HO you have an address, you have either property or all your belongings are in a rented place. You have a phone number and in many countries of the world you are officially registered at exactly this address. What more do you want of a HO?
The HO is not going to take a sitter’s belongings and run away with them, whereas this could certainly happen the other way around.>>

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@Pommiegran - as a professional house and pet sitter I’m curious about something. You had mentioned not getting any responses and booking your dog and cats into kennels. I’m curious as to why not take the money you paid to the kennel and pay for a professional house and pet sitter so your fur kids could be comfortable and happy staying at home?

I live in the U.S. and have a profile on Sittercity and I regularly check out paying jobs up to 50 miles from my apartment. There also appears to be pet sitting services in your general area so I was curious why not bring in a professional if THS didn’t produce any results? And you may even save a little money depending on the costs for kennels in the U.K.

And if security and safety is an issue, I’ve worked for professional house and pet sitting companies where I had to go through an extensive background check so I could be bonded and insured, this may be the same for pet care companies in the U.K. And with Sittercity I have to submit to a new background check every 3 months and if companies over there do the same you could find someone you could trust. Just a thought…

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@Pommiegran I’m not sure what to make of this, but we live on the London/Kent/Surrey border. We recently posted for a sitter for a couple of weeks in May. Within a week we had about 10 applicants. What I did notice, in comparison to pre-pandemic, was that most of them were in the UK. Previously we think most applicants were looking to visit the UK from elsewhere. So perhaps it is just that people are less willing to travel, international travel is certainly more hassle now.

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I have had the same problem, my dates for July have been up for over a month, and not one reply so far.
I don’t like to mess the local kennels around, but have booked them in there as well as my “plan B”

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Hi @ellieh i am so sorry you have not had the response you wanted initially. I have taken the liberty of boosting your dates, so there is a little New button on your listing.
Do keep in close contact with membership services on support@trustedhousesitters.com if you need more boosts and help.
Kind regards


We have had no interest at all

Hi @Coco I would suggest you embed your listing in your forum username/profile, or post the location (city/country as shown in your listing) and the date range. Forum members can then view your listing, and will be happy to give you feedback.

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@Coco I’ve taken a look at your listing. It is certainly in a category that would draw some people in by the range of animals and your beautiful home, and likewise have some pass on by because of the range of responsibilities.

Although you still have some time before your dates, I suggest you consider asking @Angela-HeadOfCommunity to post your listing on social media. She would need you to direct message her to give your consent. I think it would be the ideal way to showcase your listing.

I did notice that your name and photo are missing from your listing. As I understand it, these are basic requirements for homeowners so you may want to take care of updating that section. If you need help with that, direct message @Therese-Moderator and she will assist you when she’s next online.

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Trying to do this :: :persevere: