Where have all the sitters gone to?

I was reading about the amount of watering and some of it is 2-3 a day. How long does it normally take to do one “watering”? I’ve done some sits where the outdoor water was all by hand and took a good hour, but we only had to do it every 2nd day so it was more than manageable.

The sit looks pretty amazing though. The only part I’d be worried about is the horses. My husband has owned in the past and is familiar with them, but it was a long time ago. I may favourite your sit for future reference.


Hi @Kelownagurl. The only hand watering is in the green house and that has a hose going into it. We have sprinklers and they need turning on and moving up and down the borders over the coming days. This only needs doing when there are really dry spells like now. We are always happy for sitters to eat the salads and vegetables, (particularly as they are watering them)


I would probably clarify. i too thought it would be a lot of work. Maybe put in a time estimate for how long it would take vs how many times a day? rather than twice a day something like “move sprinklers in yard when it’s dry - 15 mins/day”

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I’ve had an add on for a couple of weeks and not getting any traction. I’ve put details about the house, the fur babies… I don’t know what I’m doing wrong!?
Please help.

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OK that’s good information. You might want to add that into your description as well. It’s sounds quite manageable!

My big suggestion to HOs who are having trouble with sitters is please consider offering use of your car, especially if you are in a remote area or have dogs that you would like to be brought to a dog park or hiking. Given the price of rental cars these days a sit with a car is WAY more attractive for simple things like grocery shopping, seeing local sights but also of course for having fun and getting dogs out. If I have to choose between two interesting sits, and one comes with a vehicle and the other does not, it is a simple choice for me. This is especially true since I live far from my sits and am paying the cost of an expensive flight already. While I am happy to walk and bike many places, the convenience of a car on occasion is a huge bonus to most sitters. I am always happy to supply a copy of my insurance and license when asked (I understand not all sitters may be ok with this) to make folks more comfortable. Just my 2 cents as someone who looks at a lot of listings and am quite picky about the sits I choose.


Hi @Coco I just wanted to say that your home is magnificent and I would be in seventh heaven looking after your menagerie! Animals galore and a historic house? Absolutely! Sadly I have no immediate plans to be in the UK any time soon. (Next time I head over I might try to bribe you to leave so I can stay lol) :grin:
I do hope you find a sitter for your lovely pets and property. :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s very kind of you. Thanks you :blush:

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We stayed here last summer and absolutely loved every minute of it and @Southernsitter unfortunately we cannot do the dates this year as much as we would love to come and sit for @Coco again because we will be in the States for 3 months over the summer. This really is a wonderful opportunity to experience the whole ethos of a Historic English Country House. We loved it so much we hope to return and sit for @Coco again in the future. :slightly_smiling_face:


We have done this in the past when we could but as we’re often holidaying within the UK now, we need the car to go on holiday (no second car to offer)!

Wow! I just saw her updated pictures and it looks like a dream sit for the right sitters. Where will you be visiting in the US this summer? I am based in Atlanta, Georgia.


@Samox24 Thank you for your kind words. We will always check if you are available first as you were fabulous house sitters and anyone anywhere in the world will be lucky to have you both. Have a wonderful trip in the States.


We will probably fly in to either San Francisco, LA, San Diego or Las Vegas then depending where we start from we will plan from there and hopefully pick up some great house sits along the way but primarily we are looking to spend quite a bit of our time in California because we just love it there… and way too many favourite places of ours there to name!!
We also know Atlanta, Georgia very well having visited several times.

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That would be wonderful and we cannot wait to return and thank you for your very kind words :blush:

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The cost of a rental car has more than doubled. We will pay over $3000 for just under five weeks in the UK in July/August and prices have risen since the booking… We usually use Expedia with Avis or Budget these companies are not available in the summer via Expedia. Trying to book direct with them with a pickup at Heathrow shows no cars available.
Perhaps THS could suggest to homeowners that they consider offering this option as the car and chip shortage are having a major impact.


Yeah, that’s about what we paid too - $2300 for 4 weeks (May/June) and now can’t see anything under $3000. We ended up booking with Europcar via Priceline/rentalcars.com. We use whatever company gets us the best deal and have ended up using Europcar more than once.

holy moly. i bought a vehicle for 3500 euro this summer. it’s crazy that prices are that bad.

my friend tried to rent a car for a week or so in ireland and it was going to be several thousand dollars. he did the math and it was easier just to hire a private driver to take him around on his trip rather than renting the car. which is just silly.

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Wow. I rented a car in Ireland for two weeks in 2017 and it was $75. Yes, you read that right. I have no idea how we manage such an amazing deal, but there you are. It wasn’t even a discount car place, it was thru Autoeurop.

My understanding is that the car rental places sold off a lot of their stock during the pandemic and have been unable to replace it all, plus of course, they need to try to recoup some of their losses, so I don’t imagine that prices will drop any time soon. Currently, the car rental is the most expensive part of our travel.

We did consider a one month train pass but it was only marginally cheaper and severely limited the places we could go.

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I rented a car for a month in bulgaria in 2019 for $150. it was nuts. i think once you get more than one person needing to travel, a car starts to make more sense, even if it’s expensive. by the time you pay for transport for 2 and, as you said, deal with the limitations, the car starts to be a better value. though gas is also shocking. I filled up in spain yesterday before heading to france as it’s cheaper there. I went to a place that is 1.74/l and got SUPER lucky that they messed up the price in the computer because it charged me 1.55/l. i’m quite sure that’s the lowest I’ll see for a while. though apparently hungary is capping prices.

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