Where have all the sitters gone to?

I am so sorry to hear you had to cancel your holiday. And after such a long time under lockdown, a holiday is even more important than usual. I have favorited your listing and hope we can come over sometime (located in Canada). I truly hope you get a holiday soon!

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Hi @ClareWoolford, you have lovely feedback from sitters and have a detailed listing which has lots of information on your area and what to do. I would include more information though on the rooms you are providing for your sitter/s and anything special that makes your home stand out. The Platinum long weekend celebrations happening in your village look great but, to be honest, I would not have the program as your main photo. I actually went straight past your listing because of that! Rather, have your home or feline friends as that photo as that is what will attract sitters first. The festivities are an added bonus. All the best.

Yes, I’ve had two sitters tell me that they are focusing on other sites where they earn money instead of doing it for free with THS

Thanks everyone for your kind responses. It was a real shame having to cancel but the stress of worrying about leaving our cats without a sitter was just too much so I was happier knowing I would be here for them. We have another holiday booked for September and fortunately have managed to find a sitter for that so something to look forward to.

Thanks again for all the kind words.

Ann xx


Hi Snowbird,
thanks for the tips. I did message some past sitters but they aren’t available for these dates but hopefully one is doing our September holiday. Thanks for your help.

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Hi Mars, thanks so much - I am new to the forum, I promise I’ll get better x

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Thanks Temba - I really appreciate your feedback. I only changed the cover photo yesterday as I wanted to try something different as no one had applied for my sit and was getting desperate. Thankfully I’ve now had someone apply so can relax a bit. I’ll update my listing info again on my next day off. Thanks for your help x

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I am fairly new to THS and up to now have only had to find a pet sitter once. It took
49 requests till I found one. I am currently trying again for a holiday planned later in the year, I am up to 12 requests at the moment. Three have not replied at all including someone who works for THS.
Another reply was they only do weekends. Some of the replies have said they are committed on other sits or away despite the fact that their calendars show available. Another thing that occurs to me is how far a sitter is prepared to travel. I think more information could be put on the persons details to cover the points I have raised. I think THS is a great idea but I have found it very frustrating with all the members they have, not to be able to find a sitter.

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Great you’ve had an applicant and I hope they are suitable @ClareWoolford. Do have a chat with them first before confirming so you’re really happy they’re definitely suitable and not just grabbing them because you’re desperate. Enjoy your time away.

Hi @Jay, can you please embed a link to your listing in your forum profile so we can see your sit. There are many sitters on this forum and you may be able to get a sitter here.

Hello Crookie, Thanks for your reply. I have gone to my profile but I do not know how to do what you suggest.

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Here’s the link with the description how to do it.

If someone was interested in our housesit then I would go into everything in great detail. I would also do a video call or if someone was near enough ask them if they would like a visit first. This gives the sitter a chance to change their minds if they find it is too much.
Due to the type of house and garden, to put everything into the the initial introduction would take pages and pages. I have already had a comment that I have put many photos of our pets. The online forms ask for a picture of each pet. I have only put one for each pet. Our house sit is not for everyone. I understand this. It would not suit someone who did not want to enjoy the house and garden but just wanted a house as a base.
For this reason I do not expect to get many people being interested. So far I have found that whatever I put on the information pages, it gets overlooked and the more and more detail I put the more that it gets overlooked, hence applicants with small children even though it is stated that our house is not suitable.

Hi @Coco I remember you having asked forum members before about your listing. Taking a quick look at it again, I would suggest you change a little of the wording to show what steps you have taken to accommodate more sitters.

In particular, you show: “ This will be a sit that will not suit everyone as the house is very large and we have a lot of animals. ”. Much later on you mention that there will be a cleaner and the sitters only need be concerned with the rooms they use. However, the section I’ve shown in quotes might be enough to stop some sitters reading further. Also, if I remember correctly, you did mention in a post that you have (or can have) assistance with care for the animals. These points are helpful in both showing that it is manageable for many, and that you are being considerate of sitters.

Again in the introduction, showing the sitter would need to have “ all the DBS checks etc. ” is somewhat vague, and certainly an issue for those coming from outside the UK. If your insurance can instruct you on how you might be able to broaden that limitation, it would be helpful.

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Hi Snowbird

What are your suggestions for the items I have added and are being ignored. Eg children, other peoples dogs?

Hi Nikola, I was curious myself and took a look at your listing which I think says that you have cats, multiple dogs, turtles, chickens, quail, cows, horses and extensive gardens which need to be cared for? And it looks like the sitter(s) would have responsibility for everything but the horses? That sounds like close to a full time job to me. I can’t imagine it would be easy to find sitter(s), much less for free. I know you’ve noted in earlier posts that you would have a very limited pool of applicants and then when you also want no one with a dog of their own or a young child, it certainly would be an even smaller pool. I saw that you did actually have sitters once before through Trusted Housesitters which is phenomenal. They might be excellent people to ask for honest suggestions since they’ve experienced all of this firsthand. As to people applying even though they have a dog or child of their own, from a sitter’s perspective here, I would be inclined to send them a brief, pleasant note thanking them for taking the time to enquire but letting them know that regretfully you need to decline as you feel your property would not be suitable. Good luck with your listing.


It definitely looks like a challenging sit which leaves little time either for own work or holidaying. We would include info about how much time the tasks should usually take. We also agree with what Snowbird wrote that you should mention any assistance available to sitters and be very clear about what documents you need exactly (and if any non-UK sitters will be able to obtain them). Perhaps I would also mention the cleaning lady a bit earlier (when we see such a large property we immediately think about all the endless cleaning involved). We wish you good success! PS: Perhaps offering the use of a car would also entice someone. We would recommend inviting sitters who are retired (but reasonably fit), live not too far away, are new to THS and have no or only few reviews (but who have other experience).

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Thank you for your message. I will reword the listing as people are not to come to the house to spend all day with the animals and garden. I did what you said before this post and thanked them first. What my my post is also saying is whatever information I put in is not always read except for people that are curious after my posting. In the forum.


Thank you for your comments, I have altered the bits you have mentioned and although a cleaner was mentioned in the listing I have added it into both sections of the listing so it will not be missed.


Thank you for your comments. The listing mentions that we have a cleaner and I have added that at the starting paragraph as well as not to be missed. I have mentioned that the out door animals only take about half an hour in the morning and less in the evening.