Where have all the sitters gone to?

@Katie - only enticing if Liam Neeson still sleeps in the bed!


This gave me a hearty laugh. Thanks @Lassie ! :joy:

It’s actually kind of a good example of the little stories and quirks and tidbits that can make a sit (or sitter) more enticing.

Not that famous people or their former beds need to be involved. But sometimes the quirks and personality of a place or an animal are what draws a person in! :blue_heart:


I have a sit coming up in late June but trying to find a weekend one prior to that one.


hello from me!

@Lassie @mars update from the MS team, this is due to a bug which is known and being worked on, thank you

As soon as a HO leaves, I close the door of rooms we do not intend to use. They are usually still closed when the HO returns. If nothing else, this avoids the pets getting into mischief there, something I am likely not to notice as I don’t go in these rooms.


After numerous requests to potential sitters who were showing availability and either getting refusals or no response at all I have given up and cancelled my holiday. I’m afraid to book another one in case the same happens again. A real shame. :angry::angry:

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It’s always worth letting forum members have a look at your listing and see how it can be improved. Especially in the UK there’s such an abundance of sits and such a lack of sitters right now that it should really stand out in some way.


Oh @CambridgeAnnie that is so disappointing for you.

Yes I agree it is very disappointing. In the past I have had several applicants and have been spoilt for choice. However my latest post has attracted 3 applicants all with children when I have clearly said I cannot accept applicants with children. I have recently retired, and upgraded my membership but it doesn’t look like it is going to be that easy to go away


Hi @Corinne Perhaps embed your listing into your forum username or post your location (city/country as shown in your listing) and date range. That way forum members can provide some constructive feedback.

It’s also good to review Angela’s 10 tips & tricks to help with a successful listing. It’s definitely more competitive for homeowners in some locations, but tweaking your listing will hopefully have the desired effect. I hope all goes well for you.

If you have applicants who you have decided are not a good fit, it’s best to decline them. This way your applicant count will remain true, and sitters can have a prompt response and move on.

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You could always figure out your dates and get a sitter lined up and then book your holiday.

I’m sorry it didn’t work out for you. It’s definitely difficult right now with the overabundance of sits and the lack of sitters.

I would recommend looking into whether you could leave your car for a sitter as that would open up your options a lot. Or at least mention any bus/train options. You mention getting somewhere by train but not how far away the train is from you. Also, are you comfortable having families? You say it’s 3 bedrooms. Families have a harder time finding sits so that might increase responses as well.

Good luck!

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It can also help as I have said before to invite new sitters in your area without THS reviews. They will be more enticed by the invitation than THS-experienced sitters and will also compromise / try to be flexible to suit your needs (at least this is what we did when we started out). The other option is to try to be as flexible as possible yourself: offer flexible dates, the use of a car, allow families etc. We as sitters are also on multiple platforms, something that helped us through the pandemic.

Hi all,
I am new to the forum but have used TH for a few years and have had 12 lovely sitters.

This time no one has applied to house sit for us and I wondered if the covid situation has put people off house sitting for a while?

What are your thoughts please? Many thanks,

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Hi @ClareWoolford , this topic is very active on the forum right now: Sitter/Owner Ratios - Helping to Redress the Balance

I clicked on your listing but you pasted your editing link instead of your active link into your forum profile. When I click on it, it takes me to my own dashboard. See if you are able to correct it. If you do a search on yourself (others, correct me if I’m wrong), and cut and paste that URL into the space on your forum profile, it should work. Somebody reading it here on the forum might be able to do your sit. You never know?!

Hi @ClareWoolford Have you considered inviting your past sitters to sit for you again? I have an upcoming sit where the homeowner always first messages her past sitters. She needs sitters quite often and so it saves her a lot of time when she has someone who has done a sit for her before.

You can also consider inviting sitters from your local area. Those who are relatively new to THS (but maybe not new to pet sitting) often do their first THS sits near to home. First check their calendars to see if your required dates have a black line through them, which denotes they are already booked for a THS sit. Other than that, I would ignore the calendar for now as not all sitters use it.

Hello, new here and looking for a house/pet sitter. So far no one I’ve contacted is able to sit, any tips, thoughts on how to get the word out to more sitters? Thanks in advance for your input.
Kathy K

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I’m also struggling and it’s my first time using THS.

Ive invited quite a few people to sit but no one can help out apart from 1 person but they have dogs as well and I need someone pet free,

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Hi Katrina, and welcome to the forum! So sorry you’re having a hard time finding a sitter. Where are you located and what kind of pets do you have?

It would be a good idea to add a link to your listing to your forum profile. You’ll reach even more people that way and will get input from the forum members on ways to attract more applicants. Here are the instructions to do that: How to Add Your Listing to Your Forum Profile

Hi @Kosha and welcome to the forum. Although it’s helpful to contact sitters directly, having a well-written listing with quality photos is the best chance of finding a sitter. Take a look at Angela’s top 10 tips for creating an effective listing, and see if you can make any improvements to your current listing.

You can also embed a copy of your listing in your forum username so that forum members can view it and perhaps give some constructive feedback.

I think what happens is that people get used to the routines that they have created over time, and don’t think about it from someone else’s perspective. I had a dog who had a frontal lobe brain tumor and got progressively more aggressive towards all people and dogs including me and my other dog. I loved him dearly and made things safe for us all, with pet gates, indoor leashes etc. Finally he snapped and after receiving 11 stitches I had to send him to doggy heaven. As soon as I returned home, I instantly saw my house in a different light—I had created barriers everywhere. As sad as I was to say goodbye to my AussieDoodle, I was so relieved to immediately get rid of all of the pet gates, etc. My remaining dog and I reveled in the newly restored freedom in my home. I likened it to being in an abusive relationship. You don’t realize how much you have compensated, until the threat is gone.

As yet I haven’t petsat for multiple dogs at a time but based on your experience, if I consider it, I’ll certainly ask up front if all dogs get along and if they can be exercised together.