Where have all the sitters gone to?

Hi @Coco Unfortunately there will always be details that are missed, both by sitters and homeowners. For example, some sitters clearly mark that they are fully booked until 2023 and yet still get 2022 invites to sit. You can only try to set things out as clearly as possible. I see that other forum members have also given you feedback, which is great. I hope all goes well for you.


I have made alterations to the listing as you mentioned. I have put the information about the cleaner earlier so it is now in twice.

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Hi, we definitely would love to help you out with your sit, beautiful area and lovely home… as well as the family pets - would be great!!! However, as mentioned by others it is the added expense of the car rental that makes it more difficult for everyone right now. As well, I do not have the necessary CRC as I have never been asked to provide one in any of my 43 sits in the past. Wishing you all the best of luck, I’m sure there is a sitter out there that will meet all the criteria that you are looking for, as would be a great opportunity.


Hi. In the absence of applicants for my dates I have invited 4 sitters who have saved our listing to consider to come and sit. It has not been a reassuring procedure as:
1 - On checking colanders I find that quite a lot do not fill them in, so it was awkward to know who was available.
2 - Only 1 replied- unfortunately not available for our dates.
3 - The other 3 have not yet read my sent request - I sent them out about 2 -3 days apart thinking I was giving plenty of time for people to check up on messages.
How is an invite communicated? Does it arrive as an e-mail like I get when someone saves my listing?
I have also used the Boost to bring my dates back up for attention. Fingers crossed that there will be someone out there looking for a Hebridean Adventure.

We get an email immediately when we are invited to a sit. We also get a notification on the app and see a flag on the website if we log in.

The calendar seems to be confusing to most people. If sitters have filled them in, it will show green on dates they are available, crossed off on dates when they are booked, and blank if they are just not available.

If we get an invitation, we always respond as soon as we see it.

Hi, Thank you for clarifying. I didn’t want to over-do the invites and wasn’t too sure how long I should wait for a response. It’s a case of Please God give me patients - but hurry :blush:

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There is no such thing as over doing the invites. Invite as many people as you can, ASAP. No need to wait days between or limit the number of people you’re inviting. You may need to invite dozens of people before you find a match so better to start sooner than later.


Thank you very much fir the incouragenent, invitations will be going out.


Hi, I’m Nancy and my husband is Richard and the lovely, if demanding, Izzie lives with us.

We’ve recently listed a need for a cat/house sitter for 12 days in June but have had very few replies. It’s the first time we’ve posted a listing for such a long period. I’m wondering if I left too little lead time and that’s why we’ve not had many responses? We live about a mile from the coast in South Devon, in a beautiful house which is divided into 7 units which share 4 acres of lawns, gardens and woodland. We’ve put loads of pictures of Izzie on our listing and photos of the house and grounds. Is there anything else we should be doing to entice sitters? We are fussy, tho’, and only the right person/persons will do for Izzie as she is the centre of our lives. Cheers, Nancy

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Hi @NancyandRichard. The photos of Izzie are very sweet, and it would also be nice to know a bit more about her character e.g is she playful?, is she a fusspot?, a lapcat?, does she spend much time in the house or is she out a lot? You mention in your forum post that you are (understandably) fussy about choosing a sitter, so the more information you can give about your pet’s character and needs gives sitters a better chance of seeing if they’re a good fit.

As a sitter I would be wondering about photos of the bedroom and bathroom that I would be using. This is usually a must-see for sitters.

I would probably be seeking reassurances about privacy, regarding the setup of your house into units. Are there any areas of the gardens that your family can use by yourselves?

For the title of your sit, you don’t really need to say you are looking for a house/cat sitter so you can use your word limit on other enticing features. For example, you are one mile from the sea in Devon. Forgive my ignorance but I have not heard of Stokenham before so I didn’t know which county it was in.
You also mention ‘various dates’ in your title, but only have one date listed.

It sounds like a lovely opportunity and I wish you luck in finding the right sitters.


@NancyandRichard You have a nicy location & home & kitty. If you follow the suggestions by AllyMac and repost / boost your listing you should be able to find someone. We once applied to a sit on the Devon coast, not sure if we even got a reply because it was so popular (before 2020). It might also help to include the use of a car or bicycles. We have done sits in more remote locations than this and just brought food for two weeks and walked / cycled in the area.

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Hi Ally,

This being my first time using the Forum, not sure if replying to your email will work or if I have to go to the Forum to respond. We’ll see…

Thank you so much for very helpful information. I am updating the info on Izzie now.

Good point re photos of the house — there are lots of pics in my Welcome pack, but not, as you noted on the main listing. I have now put titles on the Izzie photos and several of them are in the bedroom… :slightly_smiling_face:

And I’ve also changed the listing photo to one of Izzie — as she does photograph well. We’ll add more info about the area, and beach photos. Stokenham is in South Devon near Kingsbridge.

Many thanks for your advice and help.

All best,


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Hi Timmy,

Thank you (and Ally) for very helpful comments. I am in the process of adding more information and photos now. Re rural as we only have one car so it will be with us while we’re away but I could put more info about public transport — a 10 min walk down the hill is a stop for the Totnes/Dartmouth/Plymouth bus.

Thanks, Nancy

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Adding in the extra photos is excellent. As a sitter, I’d be much more inclined to consider your sit now that I can see where I’d be spending my time. (We are booked for that time period so can’t help you out I’m afraid.)

Hello everyone

My vacation is 3 weeks from today. I have had zero applications and zero luck with invitations.

At this point I feel like I am begging sitters to help me out and it feels wrong.

Instead of having the opportunity to make a real connection with a sitter, I’m going to have to accept the first one that can do it. I’m not comfortable with that.

I’ve done everything I can think of to improve my listing.

Our trip is a gift to our daughter for her college graduation. She is an RN now and we are so proud but it is looking like either myself or her father will have to stay home.

So disappointed
Jennifer Alderman

We would maybe change the first photo to a different one, you and the doggies look a bit sad (quite a different impression from all the other photos). Listing the sit again or boosting it could also help (we usually don’t scroll down to older sits).

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“Use of car is negotiable”-- suggest you include use of the car, contingent on a solid driving record and proof of license and 3rd-party liability insurance.
“City” “Countryside” doesn’t make much sense. It’s clear that you’re not close to the beach, but otherwise even I (as an American) don’t have a good idea where Lakeland is. The pool is a nice feature, and your home appears clean and well cared for.
Suggest you limit the photos to ~10. It’s a lot to get through.

edited to add: for location, you could state that it is between Tampa/St Pete and Orlando, and add logistical information about its distance from the airports etc., and local features such as museums and restaurants.


Hi Timmy
Will take your advice and change my first picture. Also I’ve already boosted it so how do I relist it? Delete it and start over?
Thank you for the help.
I hope it works!

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Hi @Jenann I just took a look at your listing again, and then saw your comment to Timmy. I was about to mention your photo, but for a different reason. This is how it displays on the app:

Unfortunately, the dogs don’t even show. Aim to use a photo shape that’s not portrait, and perhaps then check it on the app as well as on the website.

Hi Katie
I will definitely take your advice and change those things you mentioned. I listed city and county because we live in a country setting while a less than 10 minute drive puts you in the city. Also I thought a map was provided with my listing that showed where Lakeland was in reference to Tampa and Orlando but I could be wrong. Will make the changes and see what happens.
Thank You for taking the time to look it over and for your advice.
I hope it helps!