Where have all the sitters gone to?

@Coco thank you for taking the time to share your positive outcomes with members. You are a member who has given great consideration to the input from forum members, selecting those ideas that would work for you. That’s encouraging for members who take the time to share their ideas, so thank you for that too. I’m glad to hear that things are progressing well for you. :grinning: :clap:


Thank you for your kind words :smiling_face:


@Coco on behalf of the Forum Team I would like to echo @Snowbird’s words …

… and thank you for this, the perfect line to end this comment on.

Angela and the Team


We listed a sitting a year ago and immediately began receiving applications. We interviewed several applicants and found a fantastic sitter. We’ve put a listing in for this year and have yet to receive a single applicant, despite the listing having been there for nearly 2 months. Would you all be kind enough to look at the listing and let us know if you spot anything that might be wrong? Thank you.

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@Bpfish36 welcome to the forum. Changes have been ongoing over the past two years that have affected all aspects of our lives, including house and pet sitting. Just reading a few of the most current posts on the forum will give you some insight into current challenges (and joys, of course).

Here are the instructions for how to add your listing into your forum username/profile.

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Hello, I joined TH a few weeks ago and so far have not found a sitter for our listing. We have flight tickets which we are not going to cancel and I am getting very nervous about not being able to find a great house sitter. I have followed guideliens, uploaded plenty of pictures and reached out to at least 20 prospective sitters. So far everyone has decided my request. I really wanted this website to work and I believe it’s a great idea but I’m not sure what to do now. I read that I can request my money back if noone applies after 2 weeks of posting the listing.
However, one person applied but she stated in her text that she ia not sure she can do my dates. We exchanged a couple messages and haven’t heard from her for days. So this is not really an application.
I am a little discouraged. I would appreciate some good advice.

Hi @KRISSY27 I suggest you put a link to your sit in your forum profile so people on here can see your sit listing and give you feedback on it and potentially there could be a sitter on the forum who might be available.

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New to this site, but after a nervous couple of days of waiting, I got 4 sit offers and 3 of them were great – and you only need one. So I guess I’m saying “quality over quantity” works for me.


Great news thank you for the update @bec and do keep the news coming.

We have been using TH for three weeks and are looking for a sitter in preparation for a trip in August.
So far we’ve only recieved 1 unsuitable application and its becoming a worry.
I’ve made changes to the listing and boosted it but I’m not sure what else I can do? I have invited those who have saved our post and while most seem excellent they have all made arrangements elsewhere. Its becoming discouraging as we live in a heavily touristed area during summer months so I thought we might do better!

@DeeDee401 , add your THS listing to your forum profile. Here are the instructions:
How to Add your Listing or Profile to Your Forum Profile

Besides getting much more exposure, many seasoned members here will be able to give you tips on how to improve your listing to attract more applicants. Some readers on the forum may even be interested in applying too. Good luck.

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Hi Dixi05. My listing is linked. Can you Direct Message me?


KRISSY27, welcome to Trusted Housesitters and the Community Forum. I believe you said you were looking for August sit, so be patient and I am sure you will receive more applications. It’s a super busy time right now with summer just getting started.

I noticed you do not have your profile linked to the forum. By linking it, members can see your requests right away and you may find you will get quicker responses. To link the profile, please follow below:

How to add a listing or profile link to your FORUM profile - Help, Website & Forum Support - TrustedHousesitters Community Forum

Give yourself a little more time and if you still have issues, make sure you come back on the Forum so it can be addressed for you.

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I am here and just had two house sits cancelled due to legitimate reasons. Still perusing daily to see if anything suits.

Are you able to add your listing or profile link to your FORUM profile as posted by Debbie (Moderator) above? Curious as to where you are. Thanks!


We just upgraded our premium sitter membership to joint home owner/sitter membership so we could find a sitter to look after our place in Queensland, Australia during our 5 month UK trip this year. Afer reading this thread I was a bit worried we wouldn’t get anyone to do such a long sit despite our home being a beachside apartment with no pets. I’m very happy to report we got 19 applications in the first 24 hours and I had to pause the listing. We just had a Zoom call with the first applicants, who are from the UK and are delightful and we invited them to do our sit. :crossed_fingers:


Thanks for taking the time @Crookie to report back with this positive feedback! 19 applicants in 24 hours is awesome, as is signing up sitters as quickly. In reality many, many sits are filled quickly and successfully, but it’s good for new members arriving at this thread to be reassured that this is how it works most of the time! When do you arrive in the UK? Before the end of summer I hope!! I just flew in from Mexico this morning and it’s glorious!! All the best, Vanessa


Hi @Vanessa_A we are coming to the UK for winter! We arrive 25 November and are sitting to end of March 2023. Sounds strange arriving for winter I know but we have 6 months of summer here in Queensland October to April so we tend to chase cold weather sits when everyone else wants the sun. We are hoping to see snow over Christmas instead of 35 degrees and 80% humidity!


And @Crookie were these successful sitters in the first 5 applications??? Or would you have missed out on them if you were trialling the new system of pausing listings after 5 applications had been received??


Very first applicant got the sit @temba