Where have all the sitters gone to?

It is a link, but as SandC said you have to copy and paste.

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HI @Ketch here is the way sharing on Social works and the benefits:

    1. Higher visibility
    1. No one other than THS members can contact the owner to apply
    1. No personal details
    1. Sit details, approx location and dates
    1. Link to the site “find a sit page”
    1. Listing link is only added with owners permission
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Hello all,
I have been a memeber since 2016 and always had a flurry of applications each time I listed my dates during the school holidays and had numerous really lovely suitable housesitters - but having posted new dates over 5 weeks ago - nothing.
I have asked for help from TrustedHousesitters.com and they simply say they will relist my request which has been fruitless, or suggest I could try searching for sitters and contacting them myself, but having contacted over 20 potential sitters it seems nobody ever updates their availability calendar so everyone I have contacted is not free.
Has anyone got any suggestions to my problem - we go away in 9 days days time and I need to find someone fir my adotable 3 dogs and 4 cats.
We live in the beautiful market town of Oakham near Rutland Water in a large modern house with a big garden so know it can’t be the location that is off putting!! Please can someone help?!

Hi @AntoniaScott and welcome to the forum. There are many helpful forum members who would love to see your listing, both in case they are available, but also to give feedback on your listing.

You can embed your listing in your forum username. I’ll add a link below with the instructions.

Embedding listing in forum username

If for some reason you’d prefer not to do that, you can add the details to your post here. Provide the location as shown on your listing (not always the same as what you’ve mentioned here) and the date range.

If you would like @Angela-HeadOfCommunity to promote your listing on social media, please direct message her. To do that, click on her username and then click on the green envelope logo. No direct details or link will be shown on social media, if that’s of any concern to you.

I suspect that many sitters, like myself, have become ineligible because we refuse to risk identity theft by giving our social security numbers to Evident for “verification.” (Perfectly willing to give my passport!) It is really sad, but there is nothing we can do. I had many communications with TH about this, suggesting that they simply give “vetted” sitters a badge or something, then let owners choose for themselves whether or not that matters to them, but they are currently not willing to change their policy. Good luck in finding a sitter.


Hello All:
I am new to this forum which was recently suggested to me by a fellow member.
I have a sit upcoming in less than two weeks and my sitter cancelled due to health issues. Needless to say, I am stressed trying to find a new sitter. Is there anyone here that has a suggestion or that knows of someone who might be available?
TY for considering my request, S Rogers

Hello @EssRogers and welcome to the forum. You can add your listing to your forum username. I’ll add the instructions below:

If you’d rather not do that for some reason, please post your listing information - city/country (as shown in your listing) and date range.

If you have a standard or premium membership, you can boost your listing once, which will move you to the front pages again.

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I have read with interest the fact that there are many sits going unfilled and the reasons put forth regarding this.
I have had two replies to my sit offer but both offers have been from people who I felt were not quite a good fit. One due to her lack of experience and her youth and the other to her allusion to me offering a safe comfortable place for her to land- I may be unfair here to her but I believe we all have a sixth sense when we read a profile, and my instinct began to wobble and that is a no-go for me.
Can anyone else weigh in on their internal discomfort and how they express that and or deal with it. I don’t want to be unfair but by the same token I do NOT want to discount our inherent sixth sense about this issue. Ess Rogers


Great question @EssRogers
Trust that feeling! It triggers you for a reason. You don’t have to know why other than that discomfort will likely intensify if you ignore it.

You can certainly pause, step back and reassess but your instincts are usually best at avoiding uncomfortable situations


Hi @Alys -Sorry that you are struggling to find a sitter. I just looked at your listing and there are three things I noticed which may be putting sitters off.

1 - I can understand your anxiety at leaving your pets whilst you are away but could you cope with one update a day? By saying ‘At least’ one a day to me as a sitter makes me worry that you could be too demanding ( although I am sure that is not the case! ) If I was you I would delete the ‘At least’
2 - You say both cats have IBS - I would expand on that - I am reading a lot of ‘accidents’ to clean up
3 - To us as a couple, the pic of the single bed is not very inviting - is that the only bed available for sitters? Does it expand into a double? If so, I would make it up as a double and take a new pic.

Hope that helps x


The link in your profile just goes to my own dashboard. I recommend linking your listing so people can find it.

As for the wording - some sitters may not have English as a first language, or may have cultural differences in communication styles. However, definitely trust your gut if it is screaming at you!


HI @EssRogers I have updated the link in your Forum profile it now contains the link to your listing so that others can view.


Hi, thanks for your advice, but we have been on THS since 2015 and we never had issues with this listing (the wording is pretty much always the same) and it’s he first time we’re struggling to find someone.

I’ll definitely add a photo of our main king bed, which is what we offer to sitters (even single ones), so our bad for forgetting to upload a photo, our main bedroom is very beautiful and full of character.

As for “at least 1 update”, I don’t think you are understanding it right. At least means “At the least; at a minimum or lower limit”, meaning “no less than 1 update a day” = we don’t want to be updated once every two or three days as some sitters would like to do.
At least 1 update means this, not that I expect thousands of updates daily, in fact we usually get 1 or 2 updates a day and we’re happy with that. However, if it’s common to misunderstand the meaning of “at least” and think that it means that we want several updates a day I will change it into something else. :woman_shrugging:t2:

As for the IBS, the cats are on a special diet and one of them is completely fine. The other often has episodes of soft poo, but she ALWAYS does her thing in the litter, there are no accidents to clean up.

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Hi @Alys I joined THS as a sitter the year before you, and also see how so much has changed over the years, but especially over the past two years. We are all - sitters and homeowners - having to continually adapt and adjust these days.

As for the ‘at least’ point, I can relate to @Colin’s response. How about something like ‘We love it when we receive daily updates from the sitters.’?

Perhaps consider having your listing promoted on social media. You would need to direct message @Angela-HeadOfCommunity and she would take care of it when she’s next online. Here are some details of how that works:

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@EssRogers - Absolutely trust your gut, it’s your internal self trying to tell you something. For me, I’ve read some sitters profiles where the reviews are good but when I read the application I didn’t get the feeling they were what I was looking for. Can’t explain exactly why but it just didn’t feel right. Flip of that is I had an application from a sitter recently that didn’t have any reviews yet but the application message was fabulous and I knew the person would be perfect. Gut instinct!


Thank you so much. :hugs:

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Please check your DM messages … Thank you

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I’ve been on this site for a month and have two trips nearing. I have not received any applications, and I’ve reached out to over 30 local sitters, all have either declined or never responded. What’s your secret to securing a sitter? I’m starting to lose hope.


@AntoniaScott I knew exactly which was your sit when I read your message. I have it saved to my favourites my family and I would love to sit for you and your adorable dogs and cats some time. Your photo of your son with the cat lying on him could almost be one of my boys, they look quite similar! However we are travelling up to Scotland for a sit on 15th April, so we sadly aren’t available for the whole of your dates.

You have a great looking listing in a very desirable location. I can only think that there are more UK sitters looking to travel abroad than usual at the moment. I really hope you get a lovely sitter to care for your cute gang.

Hi @kristen and welcome to the forum.

It’s a good idea to add a link to your listing in your forum username, so that forum members can access your listing. I’ll add the instructions next.

Adding listing to your forum username

If for some reason you’d rather not do that, perhaps add the listing information to this post, so that forum members can easily find it. Provide your location (city/country) as shown on the listing, and the date range.

If you have a standard or premium membership, you can boost your listing once, which will show it again with the new listings.