Where's my Calendar?

:raising_hand_woman:t4:Where is my pet sitting calendar?
It seems my pet parents can see one but I don’t.
What upgrades and Ai improvements can we expect this year?
Thank you!

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On the App, its under Me
Then go to View and Edit profile
Then scroll down to Availability

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In the web interface, it is the other profile view, the one that you can navigate to from your dashboard.

Yes, the THS user interface is very inconsistent. Really strange that a 100 million company cannot fix such things.


Just looked at mine and it’s only showing 4 of my 5 confirmed sits…

Are the five confirmed ones showing on your Dashboard @BonnyinBrighton?

Yes they’re all listed and confirmed and accepted but the first one isn’t showing on my calendar (now that I’ve found it).
Update: Just removed and added the app on my iPad again (I’d already updated to latest version on my phone but not on iPad) and it’s loaded it, I also note that submitted applications also show as unavailable on my calendar.

That’s good news @BonnyinBrighton they’re all marked off on your calendar now. Submitted applications do not register on your calendar but they will be on your Dashboard.

Ah yes I’m still learning how to read this calendar I can see now that it’s only confirmed sits showing.
I’m going to attempt to edit to show our unavailability whilst on my big trip to India in November… I’ll probably break the system so hold onto your hats :tophat:

Ok that was a fail as I’m not able to edit my own calendar…. to indicate availability hmm :face_with_monocle:

Update: ok found it but blimey it’s right down a long rabbit hole and you can’t block out unavailable dates just add availability dates…. :grimacing::crazy_face:


This helped me Calendar Dates - #3 by Karen_E

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There is no key or legend:

So what does this even mean?

It is totally ridiculous. The problem has been known for a long time but THS does not do anything about it. Although it should be dead easy. This is why I believe that large parts of their user interface consist of code that is too much of a mess to touch or that they cannot modify for other reasons.

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Well green shading I take to mean you’re actively looking for a sit during that period of time, and slashed dates mean you’re already confirmed on a sit. But I only know this from playing with it myself today. I do know that any global calendar is very challenging to code to work across time zones and taking account of sumner saving etc and notoriously difficult to manage within an App, so perhaps it has a low priority especially if HOs/sitters aren’t showing signs of using it very much. Oh well, its onwards and upwards for me as I rummage into the various far corners of this THS world of grand adventures :star_struck:

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