Who had more good experiences than bad as a pet sitter?

70+ sits since Summer 2019 and although a few haven’t been perfect almost have been fine! Really only a handful that I wouldn’t repeat if invited. I’ve already done a few repeats but mostly want to explore new places.


Had 4 different sits, loved two and didn’t enjoy the other two so much. Have had repeat sits for the sits we enjoyed but the other experiences have made us more wary and we really scutunise the sits now before applying.
So a 50% ratio of enjoyment effectively :smile:


About 45 sits over the course of 9 years. None of them were terrible, a few were not so great in terms of the house itself or the HO (or both), although surroundings for exploring were still definitely worth it.


I’d say we’ve done four sits that we categorically wouldn’t return to which seems quite a high ratio! Of those, two were just a bit (a lot) too dirty/cluttered and two had pretty significant hidden issues with the pets. The others have been on a spectrum ranging from convenient to incredible! Edit: we’ve done circa 20 sits


I’ve done 40 THS sits and am happy to say only one was BAD! (I hope I’m not jinxing myself here haha). Bad= owners “ex” having full access to house and showing up everyday unannounced and then trying to stay overnight (I asked to end sit and have him just stay instead).
Fair= house was very cluttered, nowhere to sit or place things without having to move owners personal belongings. Sit was great besides that, I probably wouldn’t except it again though!


We’ve only been on TH since Summer 2023, but here’s our tally:
8 sits total - all 5 star reviews for us
By Summer 2024, we’ll have repeated 3 of those!
7 sits were 5 stars - clean, tidy, lovely home, nice people, easy cats.
1 sit I still gave 5 stars, but the home had a residue of ex-smokers, which was not disclosed and they currently were non-smokers, so it was hard to garner that prior without being there in person. I survived the 3 weeks there fine, opened windows and slept okay. But I wasn’t thrilled with that one.

Overall, no terrible experiences, but I’ve also been sitting privately (exclusively housesitting for cats) since 2019, so I know what I’m looking for and am seasoned in finding us high quality matches. I do not give the time of day to most of what I see on this platform. I’m also an hsp (highly sensitive person) so I have particularies in my living environment that need to be met, keeping my standards to a really high bar.

All that being said, if you know what you are looking for (and what you will not tolerate) and keep your bar up there, you will find really great matches! And also meet loving, hilarious pets and wonderful humans along the way! While seeing new sights!


I’ve had 32 sits on this platform and there are two that I would not repeat. I wouldn’t say they were bad, because there are usually things that I enjoy with every sit. The things that I don’t enjoy are learning opportunities.


I’m quite a newbie here and have just completed my 4th sit. As I travelled home I reflected that my best sits were over Christmas and Easter - I wonder what other holiday sits I can find :wink: