Who's on a house sit now? How's it going?

It has been unusually bad weather. We had one train cancelled a few weeks ago due to flooding, and another cancelled last week due to wind bringing a tree down on the track - during our UK summer!

Yesterday I had a flood in the kitchen at my sit in London and this was just posted on line …

"The Met Office forecaster continued: “On Sunday morning the outbreaks of rain in the west will move slowly eastwards, clouding things over in the east after a brighter start.

“Through the afternoon will see heavy and thundery showers breaking out through much of the UK though there will be sunny spells in between as showers rattle through fairly quickly”

Such crazy weather. There are places in the world dealing with tragic and catastrophic situations who are desperate for rain.

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Oh what fun! Lovely pics! Enjoy!

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In Jacksonville for nearly two more weeks with Oscar who thinks he’s a dog and I suspect is thrilled that his dog brother and sister went with their mom and pops.
He is getting lots and lots of love and attention, claimed a spot on my bed and follows me everywhere!


In the second photo this well known quote came to mind,

" In ancient times cats were worshipped as gods; they have not forgotten this"

Terry Pratchett


Hi all!

I’m currently on a housesit in Switzerland (my first through THS) where I get to keep lovely Muska company. Muska was a bit shy at first but totally warmed up to me. She now follows me to bed every night where she wants cuddles until she falls asleep purring. She is the cutest!

Muska has a ginger friend nicknamed Garfield who emloys the people next door. Garfield is not allowed in the house (can’t be accused of stealing the neighbours cat after all) so Muska likes to laugh at him when he’s outside in the rain. Poor Garfield.

The area (Toggenburg) is absolutely stunning. I would probably not have travelled to Switzerland if it wasn’t for housesitting (I am addicted to travelling to Southern Africa, so that’s what I usually travel) but I am glad I ended up here! I feel very grateful for this first experience through THS!


Yay @Stefanie What a great photo and so happy to hear you are having such a wonderful experience!
Wishing you many more and keep sharing!
We need more smiles!


Hi @Stefanie what an amazing photo thank you so much for sharing and for “taking” us to visit your sit in Switzerland .

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As sitters with THS for the last six years, we’ve just completed our first sit since February 2020 since COVID started. We’ve started applying on house sits within Canada just in the last month as we live in B.C. We went to Kamloops, B.C. for the weekend and sat for a couple who just joined THS the night before so we were their first sitters! The dog was lovely and my best friend lived around the corner from the house sit and we got to visit our son who we hadn’t seen for a year and he had just relocated to the same city. It was a wonderful experience getting back into our THS sits and we have one lined up in another city in British Columbia for October! So happy to be back into the swing of looking after furry friends again :slight_smile:


What wonderful news @Annette, firstly to hear that you are back to house sitting, secondly that you were available to show a first time home owner the amazing benefits of house sitting, and thirdly that you were able to see friends and family again - a truly happy Monday morning share! May there be many more happy and furry times ahead :paw_prints: :heart_eyes:

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Thanks Vanessa!


We recently completed our first sit since August 2020. We had 6 lovable pets to care for - 3 sweet and well behaved dogs and 3 beautiful and friendly cats. One of the cats was elderly, blind and almost completely deaf. She still managed to get around OK, even if she did need lifting up to get to the food bowls. She could also summon us when she felt the need, with the loudest meow we’ve ever heard!


@Debbie It’s always a happy moment to hear when members have been able to get back to house sitting… Very pleased for you and it sounds like plenty of pet cuddles with 6! It always amazes me how animals cope and retain a lot of their independence, with failing senses… Certainly a big plus to have house sitters for vacation care! Do you have more sits lined up?

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We are in London, on a beautiful houseboat with Scout ( and two cats )


Hi Scout!! @Colin that looks and sounds amazing … and no rain? :heart_eyes:

Have a wonderful sit and happy #Caturday

@Angela-CommunityManager -To take the pic I chose the two minutes we have had so far this week when it was not raining :rofl:

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@Vanessa-Admin I’ve just finished speaking to a HO on the phone and we’ve confirmed a sit over the August Bank Holiday weekend in London, with 2 cats and 2 dogs.


Congratulations @Debbie and I know @Vanessa-Admin will be just as delighted for you … thank you so much for sharing your good pet sitting news!

If you need any help or advice you are sure to find it here.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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@Colin that looks such a great sit! I’d love to do a sit on a houseboat, or even a narrowboat as we have done several narrowboat holidays. However as a family of 4, or even as a threesome when my husband has used all his holiday, we’d be unlikely to find one big enough!

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@Debbie - It is a great sit, we were lucky to get accepted. This was one of those where we were the first application, the HO liked us so accepted us.
The boat is lovely and deceivingly big inside, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms. There are 2 cats and a dog to care for that are all great too. Definitely one of the sits that we would love to re-visit in the future :grinning: