Who's on a house sit now? How's it going?

@Brigitte So happy to see you back on a sit with two very lovely furry friends :blush: Are you there through the holidays?

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Hi @Vanessa-Admin
No, only a 4 days sit. We ( my sister and I ) then move to an hôtel for a five days réunion with daughter and son in law.

Slowly but surely.


Lovely to have that time with your sister followed up a family reunion… sometimes slowly is good :slight_smile: Have a wonderful time and here’s to more sits in 2022 !

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Happy Monday


We are currently on a local house sit in our area. We are new to THS and are trying to formulate our criteria for “best fit” sits. Our current sit is definitely a learning experience. We have identified that we do not want to be too remote and on acreage. We uncomfortable with geriatric pets, and already know we are not the best people to deal with complex medical issues. We are still unsure how to screen the owners. Our current sit has changed the sit multiple times, changed dogs and made multiple new requests of us. We feel a bit taken advantage of in this placements. How can we do better?
I agree communication is good. I don’t think communication is bad just the multitude of late changes and added requests.

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Hi @Badtoby , this has happened to many of us at the beginning. Sorry you’re in this less than ideal situation, but it’s good that you are learning from it. When the HO changes the agreed-upon arrangements and you are not comfortable with them, you have the right to cancel.

There are several topics about questions a sitter should ask the HO before accepting a sit. Take a look at


Hello @Badtoby
It’s good that you are learning what your likes and dislikes are as that will help you to define and refine your criteria for future sits.
However what you are describing is not very clear. Are these changes occurring while you are on the sit? or an already agreed upon future sit?
How are they changing the dogs?
Once you have agreed upon a sit, you need not feel obligated to agree with any new requests that you are not comfortable with.
Perhaps @Angela-CommunityManager can speak to you directly on your concerns.
Best wishes.

Hi @Badtoby welcome to our forum and I see you already have the support of other community members.

The first few sit experiences can be a learning curve and that applies to both sitters and owners we learn something from each one … I still do even after 14 years. Congratulations on your other four sits, your reviews are excellent, I’m sure you have already learned quite a bit.

You can Direct Message me about your current sit and the concerns you have, as any forum posts about sits should be an objective overview, not personally detailed or overly specific.

We have really very good informative article on the website Blog should you need help and guidance and of course our members have a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.

Welcome again.

Angela and the Team

After two canceled holiday sits, we were finally able to secure a 1 month sit in Southern California. Thank you for everyone’s kind words in the Canceled sit thread. We are watching over 7 Cockatiels. This is our first birds only sit and they are a fun and a loud flock.
Just 3 days we were here:

And now we are here:


@BunnyCat So pleased to hear you found a replacement sit and what an interesting one! Enjoy!


We are on our very first sit, and it just so happens to be a local one! Much to our surprise, the HO actually reached out to us for this sit. All is well here in Daphne, AL with these cute little ones to cuddle with each day!!! Happy to say the weather is mild, and Roger is able to travel out to work every morning. Definitely feels like a staycation :heart_eyes:


My first sit. Piece of cake!


I like your socks, Colin.

Congratulations on your first sits @Brad & @Joanne those are some very happy looking pets

Although I can’t believe this is the first for either of you, ducks to water comes to mind :slightly_smiling_face:

Enjoy and thank you for sharing …


Just finished my 5 week sit in Bali, Bakso didn’t want me to go…

Started another sit today - back to back - for roughly 4 weeks depending on how long the HO has to spend in quarantine on return to Indonesia.

I will post some pictures of my new best friend in a few days - just about to jump in the pool…


Aww bless him? … looks like you two are going to miss each other! Enjoy the pool!


Oh no!! That’s not good!! I also had a sit where the parameters kept changing & it was very stressful, un relaxing & I also felt taken advantage of.

:duck: :duck: :duck:

I think you definitely learn over time what things to look out for a bit…

:lion: :frog: :lion: :frog:

Hope your next sit goes better than this one though!!

:penguin: :giraffe: :penguin: :giraffe:

M’y new baby. The owner told me, he takes time to warm up. Firs moment after they left very early, my friend in my bed.


Merry Christmas Sitters and Pet owners around the globe!
Today I find myself on my third Christmas with my beloved dog and cat family where I feel so very grateful and fortunate to be.
We hope that wherever you are in the world you too feel the wonder of the special moments during this time.


Enjoying some quiet time in Chicago with this sweet little one!